Using Light Scheduling on Your Floodlight Cam

If you need your Floodlight Cam to turn on or off at a specific time, the light scheduling feature has you covered. By using light scheduling, you can set your floodlights to turn on or off at any time you choose. This article will show you how to use the light scheduling feature of your Floodlight Cam.

Light Scheduling

To set up a light schedule, do the following: 

  • Open up your Ring App.
  • Select and tap the Floodlight Cam you wish to schedule. 
  • Tap the Light Settings tile.
  • Tap Light Schedule.
  • Set the date and times you would like your light to run on and off.

Can I turn my light on and off even during a scheduled time?

Yes. the light toggle in your Ring App will override a light schedule at any time. Simply turn the light on and off when you're finished to resume your schedule.

Can I schedule my light to turn on during the day?

Yes. Your light can be scheduled during the day. Scheduling the light to turn on between 9 AM and 4 PM will cause the Ring app to confirm this is the time you wish to schedule.

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