App Connectivity

If you received the message pictured below in the Ring app, then you were trying to receive a live event at a time when your phone or tablet did not have good internet connectivity.
A poor cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection can prevent your Ring app from functioning correctly.
Below are some of the common causes of poor internet connectivity.
  • Weak Wi-Fi is often caused from being too far away from your router when using the Ring app. Moving closer to your router can improve connectivity.
  • A busy Wi-Fi network can also affect connectivity. If other people on your network are watching video or using the internet while you are trying to connect, your device may have trouble establishing a connection.
  • Sometimes cellular signal can be weak in remote locations, such as on mountains and in sparsely-populated areas. Try connecting to Wi-Fi for better connection. 
If you want to measure your internet speed, visit this website. If your download speed is lower than one megabit per second you may have trouble accessing live events from your Ring device.