Fixing Insufficient Power Issues with a Pro Power Cable and Your Ring Video Doorbell Pro

If your Ring Video Doorbell Pro is experiencing a number of insufficient power symptoms, installing a Pro Power Cable can ensure that enough power gets to your device.

Click here for more information on symptoms of insufficient power.



Important notes:

    • You can receive a free Pro Power Cable by calling Ring's customer service team.
    • Before removing or attaching wires to your original bell, be sure that the power is turned off at the breaker box.
    • If you're uncomfortable with opening up your original bell box or attaching and detaching wires, consult a licensed electrician.
    • Installing the Pro Power Cable into your existing doorbell will disable the bell. You will no longer be able to use your existing bell with your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. One solution to this issue would be installing a Ring Chime.
    • Important: After you connect the Pro Power Cable to your doorbell, do not press the Ring button until you've switched the doorbell type to "None." Doing so could blow the fuse.
    • After the Pro Power Cable is installed, you will have to run through the Ring App setup process again. During this setup, please select the ""No Doorbell" option when presented to you.


Your Pro Power Cable should have two gray wire clips already fastened to the red wiring. For ease of installation, unclamp the clips that have no wires connected to them.

      • Remove the cover from your home doorbell.
      • Loosen the terminal screw for the wire labeled Front.  Open the orange lever on the wire clip and insert this wire, snapping the orange lever down to secure the wire.  The red wire we supplied you with should be in the other side of the wire clip.
      • Repeat for the transformer wire on the other end.  The final arrangement should look like this:

      • Finally replace the cover on your original doorbell.

If you set up your Ring Pro earlier, it will reconnect to the same network it was previously attached to.

Final Step - Change Doorbell Type

In the Ring app, change "Doorbell Type" to "None." 

      1. First select the gear in the top right corner after selecting your Pro from the main screen.
      2. Then select the doorbell settings
      3. Then tap on "doorbell type" and select "none."
      4. Select "Done" to finish.




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