Using the Motion Sensitivity Slider on Your Floodlight Cam

Your motion sensitivity slider is your tool to determine exactly what you want your Floodlight Cam to react to. By moving the slider between "People Only" and "All Activity," you can fine-tune your Ring device to fit the particular circumstances of your location.

This article will teach you to use the motion sensitivity slider so you can properly set up your Ring and make it a more effective detection tool.

How your Ring sees the world

In many ways, your Floodlight Cam sees the world the way you do. A camera takes an image of your specified area and you draw a geometric motion zone covering the area you want your Ring device to focus on. The Ring device will then use that image to monitor the area for movement.

(Note: The Floodlight Cam also uses passive infrared sensors to detect motion for triggering the lights, however that system is outside the scope of this article.)


Using your motion sensitivity slider

There may be things in your environment such as the shadow of a moving tree branch or the sun glinting off a shiny object that may trigger a motion event and send out notifications that you don't really want. You can use the motion sensitivity slider to reduce these kinds of motion alerts.


Sliding the motion sensitivity slider actually alters the way your Ring device interprets what it sees. Sliding it toward "People Only," requires the camera to see a a human shape before it will trigger a motion event. Sliding it to the right will trigger alerts when smaller shapes are detected.

Where you set the slider will require some consideration of the purpose for which you've put up your Ring device. A Floodlight Cam put up to spot animals in the backyard, for example, might need its slider more toward the right.



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