Floodlight Cam Installation: Step 2 - Wiring


Hang your Floodlight Cam

Use the included hook to attach Floodlight Cam to your junction box by inserting one end through the mounting hole on your Floodlight Cam and the other end onto the mounting bracket.


Wire your Floodlight Cam

  • Take the copper ground wire from your Floodlight Cam and loop it around the green ground nut on the Floodlight Cam bracket.
  • Connect the copper ground wire to end of the green or copper ground wire coming out of your junction box with a wire nut.


    • Note - Using a wire nut: Wrap the wires you want to connect together, then put the ends inside the wire nut and twist clockwise until secure.


  • Connect the black wire from your junction box to the black wire on Floodlight Cam using another wire nut.


  • Connect the white wire from your junction box to the white wire on Floodlight Cam.
    • Safety Note: If your junction box doesn’t have clearly colored black and white wires, then consult with a licensed electrician.

You are now ready to go to Step 3 - Mounting your Floodlight Cam.

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