Floodlight Cam Installation: Step 1 - Install the Bracket

Installing your Ring Floodlight Cam is a relatively easy process. The steps below will help you prepare and mount your Floodlight Cam. If you want to reference the Floodlight Cam installation manual, you can download it here.

Note for UK, Australia, New Zealand, and European Neighbors: A junction box is only required in North America. Building codes differ in other parts of the world and you may not require a junction box. No junction box is included in your Floodlight Cam packaging.



If you've already completed this step, move on to Installing Your Ring Floodlight Camera: Step 2 - Wiring Your Ring Floodlight Cam.

Preparing Your Floodlight Cam 

To prepare your Floodlight Cam for mounting, do the following:

  • Using the adjustment collars and knobs, rotate the floodlights upwards as shown in the image below.
  • Flip the camera right side up, as shown in the image below. When done correctly, the Ring logo on the camera will be upside down.


Turn off the Power to your Floodlight Cam

The power to your Floodlight Cam must be shut off at your breaker box.

Important Safety Tip: 

  • Always be sure that the power to your Floodlight Cam's location has been turned off before continuing with the installation!
  • If you have any doubts about the power being shut off, consult a licensed electrician.


Remove any existing floodlght

If there is an existing floodlight at the location, disconnect all wires and remove the existing bracket.


Performance Tip: Install a new junction box

While you do not need to install a new electrical junction box for your Floodlight Cam, many people do so to get better performance from their device. If you do choose to install a new junction box, be sure your electrician installs it nine feet (three meters) off the ground for optimal performance. A four-inch round waterproof junction box is the correct type for Floodlight Cam.

Install the mounting bracket

To install the mounting bracket, follow these steps:

  • Place the mounting bracket against the junction box and fasten it using at least two screws.
  • If you have a plastic junction box, proceed to step five.
  • If your junction box is metal, secure the ground wire to the ground screw in your metal junction box, if this hasn't already been done. Make sure there are at least two inches of extra wire.
    • Note: Make sure the ground wire coming out of your junction box is long enough to come about two inches out of your junction box.
    • The ground wire is often a green or copper wire.



    • If the ground wire from your junction box is too short, choose one of the following options: 
      Option A: Loop the ground wire from your Floodlight Cam around the ground screw on the provided bracket, then run it through the large hole in the bracket.
    • TooShortGroundScrew.jpg
  • Option B: Connect the Floodlight Cam ground wire with the ground screw in your junction box by wrapping it around the screw in the junction box
  • Use a wire nut to connect the ends of the two ground wires together.


  • Use the included hook to insert into the hole on your Floodlight Cam and insert the other end into a hole in your junction box.

Check the foam gasket

Check that the foam gasket is flush all the way around the junction box and that your junction box wires come through the big opening in the middle of the mounting bracket.


You are now ready to proceed to step 2: Wiring your Ring Floodlight Cam.

Click here for information on setting up your Floodlight Cam in the Ring App.

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