Lista de compatibilidad del kit de timbre Ring Video Doorbell (2.ª generación)

Ring Video Doorbell (2.ª generación) es compatible con timbres alimentados por corriente alterna con transformadores de CA de entre 8 y 24 V, pero no con timbres inalámbricos ni sistemas de timbre o interfono que utilicen transformadores de corriente continua. A continuación, se indica una lista de timbres cuya compatibilidad hemos probado y confirmado.


Timbres mecánicos compatibles
Fabricante Modelo
Adamax CMH1
Air King Limited / Berns Air King Corp CK100, CK110, CK250, CY-1, SBK200 
Angelo Brothers Co. 76001, 76003, 76006, 76020, 76034, 76040, 76200, 76205, 76210, 76515
Arlec  DCS02, DCS13
Atticus Electronic  Wired Door Bell Deluxe Contractor Kit B077HTD67L
Aubrey 5010
Broan 950W, 971, 972, 973, 978, C105, CBP972, CBP978, CD-110NB, RC140WH-A, 210, RC210
Byron  765, 776, 1200, 7721, D422 "SURF KIT", D117 Ding Dong
Carlon  CK225, CK221RP, DH120, DH130, DH213, DH254, DH257, DH315, DH504, DH506, DH600, DH636, DH257 (dispositivo con marca DH213/254)
Craftmade  C102X2L, CBB-PR, CH1202-DO, CH1405-PT, CH1415-OBG, CH5202-DO
Dimango  DH3XX
Smart Hero de Dongguan  3109-HD
Droog  Bottoms Up
Edwards C-110, C210, C210-W, C211, C211-W, 580, C212, C212W, C212-W, C212W-2L, C213, C213-W
ElectraChime [todos los modelos] Comet, Coronet, Empire, Metro, Ribbon
Emerson C8326, C8204, C8229, C8270, C8272, C8355, C8359, C8361, C8365, 08359, 202, C8203
Fasco  240, 276
Friedland  968N, 106, 115, D142M, D3230, Friedland York Tubular Doorbell C963, 552 Stockport, D107 Facet, D113 Surf, D128 Hockey, D230 Big Ben, D239 Bandera, D454 Warbler
GE CL11, CL22
Greenbrook Electrical DHT01A-C
Grothe LTW 1171A 12V AC, LTW 1171A 24V AC, LTW 1171A 8V AC 
Hampton Bay  CH-2796-02, HB-27102-03 (103 008 630), HB-2748-03, HB-2749-03
Heath Zenith 95B-B, 32SN, DW-2735-02, SL-2735, SL-2735-02, DW-48 (BASE 50), SL-2796, SL-2796-02, LE-96, 615-0090-LE-DXX (BASE 90), BASE WD-1, 907/M (BASE 95), 96/M-B (BASE WD-1), 99-A, DW-907 (BASE 95), BASE 35, 615-0090-TR-CXX
Home Depot 216598 (1001 406 918), 216599 (1001 406 920)
Honeywell RCW100N, E2609
Legrand 41243, 41627
Liberty Bell Manufacturing Company Model 56 QUALITY
Maple Chase 60515
Marks Products Co. Snapit 600C Single Door, Snapit 630C Golden Tone Door Signal Chime
Miami Carey EC-525-VP, L-110, L-113, 237 Encore
Nautilus N950W, NC103
Newhouse Hardware CHM3D
Nicor 18001, 18002, 18002LRD, 18002LRT
NuTone BK240LWH, BK242LWH, K16, L34 Heirloom, LA100WH, LA120K, LA120WL, LA202WH, LA202WH-1, LA126WH, LA208K, LA208WH, LA164, LA164WH, LA20, LA39WH, L-42, LA-107, LA-43, 5763, C39854, LB-32, BK105, BK110NBWH, BK115LWH-1, BK120NBWH-1, BK125LWH-1, BK131LSN-1, BK131LRBZ-1, BK131LPB-1, BK131LSN-1, LA139WH-1, BK140LWH, BK142LWH, BK142LWH-1, C105, CD130, KA10, KA-10, KB10, KB-10, CD131SWH, CD131SN, L12, L14, LA9, LA12, LA13, LA14, LA15, LA109, LA110, LA111, LA114, LA116, LA117, LA119, LA130, LA139WH, LA140, LA152, LA11BG, LA11WH, LA-107, LA141, LA144, LA148, LA143, LA14WH, LA149, LA30SAVVY, LA37, KB10, LB-12WW-1, LB-18, LB-76, LB12, LB13, LB14, LD21, VG130, VG190, LB-14WH, Scovill
NuTone Broan C100, C105, C120, C121, C122, C200, C201, C202, C203, C204, C205, C206, C206P, C206WH, C207, C208, C208p, C208WH, C225, C300, C301, C302, C303, C308, C309, C310, C322, CBP103, CD-131SWH-1, 99521100
Quorum 101-1-6, 101-2-6, 102-1-6, 102-2-6
Rittenhouse 382, C8230, Modelo 220
Sears Roebuck 746.14760, 746.14960, 1410, 746-14490, 746-14536
Siemans 5WB1500
Snapit 600C Single Door, 630C Golden Tone
spOre RING Doorbell
Steens / Rejuvenation  Resonator C4742
Style Selections  SS-2735-03
Tamlite Lighting  DB1-2WH, DB3-2WH
Tieber/Craftmade CTPW-RG, CH5202
Tieber ICH-1505-BK
Trine R604743
Utilitech Timbre universal 0568981, UT-27103-02, UT-2735-02, UT-2747-02,0009736 (Heath Zenith BASE WD-1), UT-2796-02, UT-2796-03, UT-2797-03
Nota: Ring Video Doorbell Pro no es compatible con timbres inalámbricos ni sistemas de timbre o interfono que utilicen transformadores de corriente continua.
Timbres digitales compatibles


Fabricante Modelo
BCS Ideas YourBell
Carlon DH840E
Dongguan Smart Hero
Friedland D525ST Phonicia, D844 Seattle
Hampton Bay (Home Depot) HB-7611-02 (1001 407 347), HB-7612-02 (1001 407 776), HB7612-03, HB-7613-02 (1001 407 776), HB-7614-02 (1001 407 811), HB-7615-02 (1001 411 352), HB-7616-02 (1001 407 817), HB-7617-02 (1001 407 818), HB-7618-02 (1001 407 820), HB-7619-02, HB-7620-02, HB-7621-02 (1001 407 821), HB-7621-03, HB-7623-03, HB-7624-03 (1003 008 626), HB-7625-03 (1002 967 182), WL-108, WL-108-A
Heath-Zenith BC3330, DC-3335, DC-3338, DC-3344, DC-3360 (3300-RX), DC-3361, DC-3362, DW-57, 57/M, HE-2219-CH (DS220) (BASE 2200/2300 ), HE-2215-CH, SL-7560-02WL-106, WL-106A, WL-106-A, WL-106-B, TR-0081-BX (BASE 74), TR-0081-8X
Home Depot 216590 (1001 406 912)

RCW250N1003, RCW3502N1003/N, RCW3504N1001/N, RCW3506N1009/N, RCW35, RCW3501N, RCW3502N, RCW3506N

iChime iChime, iChime-1, iChime-2, iChime rev 2
IQ America DW1401A, DW1402A, DW2403A, DW2404-ACTB, DW3404-ACCB, DW4404-ACBD, DW2405, PC-5610, PC-5870, PC-7420, PC-5810, DW3404-ACCB, PC-5870, PC-7420, BASE PARA TIMBRES UNIVERSAL, DW2840, DW2850, DW2860, 
Timbre musical MDB-2
Nicor PRCP1 (PrimeChime+)
NuTone LA600WH
Style Selection SS-7575, SS-7580, SS-7582, SS-7581-03, SS-7582-03, SS-7584-03
Trine 64-2 Westminster, 75-2 Musical Door Chime, No.75 Selectronic Musical Chime
Utilitech UT-7574, UT-7575-02 (#0568974), UT-7577-02, UT-7578-02 (#0568978), UT-7579-02, UT-7580-02
Nota: Ring Video Doorbell Pro no es compatible con timbres inalámbricos ni sistemas de timbre o interfono que utilicen transformadores de corriente continua.
Timbres mecánicos no compatibles


Fabricante Modelo
Amseco MBL-10
Broan C305, C305RW, RC305RW-A, C306
Bticino E2046BN
Byron 720, 70217
DETA C3500, C3501, C3504
Emerson-Rittenhouse  663
Estevez  Saxo D3233
Droog Bottoms Up
Edwards C210, C210-W, C211, C211-W
Friedland (Honeywell) D902 Door Besll-in-One
Greenbrook Electrical  Embassy DHT01AN-C
Grotha Rekord G24075
Legrand Archer (non-ance 676264)
NuTone LA-59, LA47, C500, LA305WL, LA310CY,, LA311WL-1, LA501CY, LA60 Concerto
Rittenhouse 550, 552, C8538R, C8848, C8847R, Modelo 410 Sheffield, Beverly C8536 tradicional
Sears & Roebuck 746.14460, 746.69460, 746-14600
Vera Din Don tradicional
Timbres digitales no compatibles


Fabricante Modelo
Aiphone ChimeCom2, CCS-1A, CC-1M, CH-B, DB-1MD
Angelo Brothers  Kit de timbre inalámbrico enchufable 76085
Brightwood BC222
Braun NuTone C430
Biticino 342702, NT4355/12
Byron 761
Carlon DH852E, DH853E
DSC Universal SD 15W-ULF, SD-15WULF, PTS 15 BHSW, TS-443S-6UL
Duwl  elektronischer Gong Melodie (14852)
Edwards Signaling  6536-G5 Horn Strobe
Elektronicky Zvonek ZV2-3 Gong
Elko  plus/RS16
Friedland E821 Quartet, E851 Serenade, Musical Chime 282-770 437-418/1, Stockport SK5 6BP, CE861 Orchestra, E2500
GE  19208, 19214, 19217,CE851 Serenade
Gira  Door Communication System
Grotha CROMA 230, CROMA 231A, CROMA 50, SG851
Heath Zenith  SL-6182-C, SL-6166-RX-A, 6168RX, SL-7762, 13SE51, TR-0035-RX, TR-0095-RX, 
Heidermann  Croma 100 HDM n.º 70501
Intermatic The Musical Butler
Kocom Videófono 
L.O. Bell, Inc. DB L01
M&S Systems DMC1
Moose Alarm Systems Z1100, Z1100e, MPI-36
Nicor 18888 (PrimeChime), 18888SB
Niles DBI-1, DBI-2 
NuTone IM-3303, IM-4406, IM-5006, IMA-516, L-53 Sonata, LA-174, LA174WH, LA-55, LA-52 Harmony Musical Chime, LA-52A, LA-52N, LA-52NA, LAC-55, LBC-55, LA55, LAC55,LD-49
Style Selections 158345 
Telesec PC-100 The Composer
ZV2-3 Gong 42545