How to Reboot your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera from the Ring App

If your Ring doorbell or security camera is not working properly, you can try rebooting the device in the Ring app. You will not lose any information in your Ring account using this process. However, your device must be online (connected to wifi, battery charged and/or wired properly) in order for the "Reboot This Device"  feature to work.

Tip: If your Ring doorbell or camera is recording pink video or seems to be stuck on night vision, rebooting your online device in the Ring app using the Reboot feature may help.


Check Your Wifi Connection in the Ring App and Reboot

  1. Tap on the three lines (hamburger_.png) on the top left in the Ring app
  2. Tap Devices
    • Select doorbell or security camera you want to check
    • The next screen is the Device Dashboard
      • If you're disconnected from wifi, you'll see a red wifi image on the top of the screen (offline.svg)
        • You can tap the image for troubleshooting steps.
      • You can also tap on the Device Health tile (instructions below) to see your wifi connection. 
  3. Tap on Device Health 
    • If your wifi is connected (under Network) proceed with the Reboot 
  4. Scroll down on the Device Health screen to Tools
  5. Tap Reboot this Device
      • Your device will begin to reboot which may take a few minutes
    • If your wifi is not connected, reconnect it, then try the Reboot
      • Have your wifi password handy
      • Remember that wifi passwords are case sensitive
  6. When your wifi is reconnected, scroll down on the Device Health screen to Tools
  7. Tap Reboot This Device
      • Your device will begin to reboot which may take a few minutes.

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