Mobile Device Compatibility and the Ring App

For important performance and security improvements, please update to the latest versions of your device(s) operating system and the Ring app. See item #2 below

  • If you're having trouble updating or opening the app, try uninstalling the Ring app from your Android or Apple device and reinstalling it from the app store.
  • After reinstalling, you may have to reconfigure your Ring app settings and preferences.

Follow these best practices to get the newest Ring app features on your phone or mobile device:

1. Keep your Ring App up-to-date 
2. Regularly update your mobile devices’ operating system
3. Make sure your device is compatible with the newest version of the apps you use

1. Keeping your Ring App up-to-date

Having the most updated version of the Ring App means making sure your app is updated with the latest features. If you want to set all your apps to auto-update, use the links below to change the settings in your mobile device:

If you got a message saying you can’t use a feature such as upgraded video quality or Bird’s Eye View, try updating your Ring App first.

Note: Certain features of the Ring App or specific Ring devices may not be usable on older mobile devices. 

2. Regularly update your mobile devices’ operating system

Having the most updated version of your phone operating system means setting your mobile device to automatically update to the newest version of software.

Use the links below to set your mobile device to auto update to the latest operating system.

3. Make sure your device is compatible with new apps

Some older mobile devices may not have internal components that can run the Ring App. In these case, the Ring App is not usable and you’ll need to find an alternate, newer mobile device to install the app.

Mobile Device Hardware

  • Generally speaking, a device is considered obsolete four years after its release. Older devices may operate slower and not be able to receive security updates or other improvements.
  • Apple products are considered vintage when Apple stopped distributing them for sale more than five years ago but less than seven. Apple considers products obsolete when they have been discontinued for at least seven years.
  • Newer model Huawei phones (listed below) no longer come with the Google Play Store and may not be able to download the Ring App.
    • P40
    • P40 Pro
    • Mate 30 Series
    • Mate Xs
    • Honor 30 Series
    • OPPO
    • Vivo

Mobile Device Software

  • Android Version 9 or higher, with access to the Google Play Store, is required for the Ring App
  • iOS Apple Version 14 and above is required for the Ring App.

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