Spotlight Cam Flashing Light Patterns

Light pattens may be different if your security camera is offline. Use this link to learn how to reconnect your camera to wifi in the Ring App. 

If you need to find out what model of security camera or doorbell you have, use this link to find out in the Ring App. 


 Activity Flashing Light Pattern Flashing Light Image
Setup Mode White blinking light  White_Blinking_Light_.gif
Provisioning White solid light - camera is preparing itself internally for setup.  Provisioning_.jpeg

Failed Setup -

Incorrect Password

Red flashing light - flashes rapidly for up to two minutes. Remember that passwords are case sensitive and have no blank spaces in them.  Failed_Set_Up_Password.gif
Failed Setup - Not Connected to Ring Network 

Blue flashing light - flashes rapidly for up to two minutes. 

The Ring Network is a temporary access point used for setup before you connect to your home wifi network. 



Failed Setup -

Not Connected to Internet 

Green flashing light - flashes rapidly for up to two minutes.  Failed_Setup.gif
Successful Setup Solid green light for 5 minutes, then turns off. Successful_Set_Up_.gif
Battery Status

Solid red means connected.

Blinking red means lower battery charge.

The faster the blink, the lower the charge. 



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