Bypass a Door Sensor with Ring Alarm Quick Exit

The Ring Alarm Quick Exit feature allows you to open a door without disarming the Alarm and without setting off your Alarm by using the button on your Contact Sensor.

To use this feature, you must have a Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro base station and a Contact Sensor 2nd Generation. The ability to use Quick Exit is turned off by default — you must turn it on using your Ring App.


Bypass a Door Sensor with Ring Alarm Quick Exit

There are many situations when you might want to open a door quickly without disarming your entire alarm system. Some examples include:

  • You’re letting a pet go outside.
  • You leave for work early each morning and don’t want to disturb your family or pets by disarming then re-arming the Ring Alarm system.
  • You’re greeting someone at your door and do not want to disarm your alarm system.

How to Configure Quick Exit

  1. Open your Ring app and select the Contact Sensor that is installed on your door. If the Contact Sensor was previously used on a window, you may need to update the placement by going to the Device Settings tile.
  2. Press the Quick Exit tile. From there, you can toggle the setting to allow the feature to be used.

How to Bypass a Door Sensor with Quick Exit


  1. While your Ring Alarm is set to Home, press the button on your Contact Sensor. The light will blink green if it is okay to open the door or red if there is a problem. The Sensor may be reading as tampered, opened, or low on battery.
  2. You have 30 seconds to open the door before the Sensor resets to Armed Mode, at which point the green light will stop blinking.
  3. Your system will reset to being fully armed as soon as you close the door again.
  4. If you have left and need to go back inside your home, keep in mind that the door’s Contact Sensor is now armed. You must disarm your Ring Alarm using the App or Keypad.

Additional Details About Quick Exit

  • Quick Exit can only be used on doors that have been installed with Contact Sensors 2nd Generation.
  • Quick Exit is not available for Outdoor Contact Sensors or Contact Sensors 1st Generation.
  • Quick Exit cannot be used on windows and should not be used on glass doors.
  • This feature doesn’t work if the Contact Sensor is tampered, opened, offline, or was bypassed during arming.
  • Make sure you have properly installed working batteries in your Contact Sensor and check your battery status regularly.
  • You may need to restart the Ring app to access Quick Exit settings after changing the Contact Sensor’s placement.
  • Use this feature with self-monitoring, professional monitoring*, or assisted monitoring.

* Professional monitoring is only available in the US (50 contiguous states) and Canada (excluding Quebec).

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