Legacy Video Mode

When new technology becomes available, older mobile devices may not be able to use advanced video features. If you got a message saying your phone or tablet can’t play a video, follow the prompts in the Ring app (shown below) to use Legacy Video Mode.

Legacy Video Mode, will switch you back to a video format that your mobile device can use, so you can see your videos. 

If you switched to the newer High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) video format, but your mobile can't use the advanced feature, there won’t be any recorded videos from that time period. After you switch to Legacy Video Mode, you'll see newly recorded videos. 

Use this link to learn more about mobile device compatibility in the Ring app. 

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Screen_Shot_2023-02-03_at_9.28.40_AM.png Screen_Shot_2023-02-03_at_9.28.03_AM.png

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