Virtual Security Guard Beta Program Overview

Virtual Security Guard is a subscription service in which third-party professional monitoring companies will visually monitor motion events on outdoor Ring cameras, help deter crime before it happens, and if needed, call for emergency response. Agents will monitor only the cameras you want, when you want.
Learn more about Virtual Security Guard.

Join the Beta Waitlist

Virtual Security Guard is currently available in beta by invitation only. If you’d like to sign up, click here, and if selected, you can try the service for a limited time, at no cost to you. When Virtual Security Guard is available, pricing is expected to start at $99 a month.

How to Set Up Virtual Security Guard Beta

If you’ve received the beta invite for Virtual Security Guard, please do the following to get started:

1.  Complete the Virtual Security Guard onboarding.
This is the setup process required to start using the service. To complete your onboarding, tap this link and follow the instructions on-screen.

2.  Make sure Motion Detection is enabled for your enrolled device(s).
Motion Detection allows your enrolled device(s) to record video when motion is detected.

    • Open the Ring app.
    • Tap the top menu () and then Devices.
    • Select the device(s) you have enrolled.
    • Confirm that Motion Detection is toggled on at the top of device dashboard.

3.  Check that End-to-End Encryption is deactivated.
End-to-End Encryption is an advanced security option that prevents monitoring agents from accessing Live View when an event happens on your Virtual Security Guard enrolled devices. To deactivate End-to-End Encryption, follow these instructions:

    • Open the Ring app
    • Tap the top menu () and then Control Center.
    • Tap Video Encryption.
    • Select Advanced Video Encryption.
    • Tap Enable End-to-End Encryption
    • Select Enrolled Ring Devices
    • Deactivate your device from End-to-End Encryption.

4.  Let friends and family know you’ve added them as emergency contacts.
Your emergency contacts may occasionally receive SMS alerts or calls from Virtual Security Guard. At this time, only the account owner can change text message settings for their emergency contacts.

Call forwarding services may not be compatible with Virtual Security Guard.

Requirements to Maintain Virtual Security Guard

Once you've completed enrollment, please ensure your account continues to meet the following requirements:

    • Ring Alarm with Professional Monitoring
    • Ring Protect Pro or Protect Plus (1st Gen) subscription
    • At lease one eligible outdoor Ring camera (see below)

Learn more about Virtual Security Guard requirements.

Virtual Security Guard Beta Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does the “Virtual Security Guard is Active” ribbon in the Ring app mean?


When using your Ring app, you may see a Virtual Security Guard Active ribbon. This appears when you’re enrolled in Virtual Security Guard and you set your Ring Alarm mode to Home or Away.
Note: Agents can only review motion events once you’ve completed the Virtual Security Guard onboarding with at least one device opted-in.

If I opted-in to Ring Edge, will it work with Virtual Security Guard?
Not at this time. In order for monitoring agents to monitor motion events, your devices must use cloud storage (not local storage).

Can my emergency contacts view my motion event videos?
Yes, but only if they’re a Shared User on your account. Additionally, they would require access (provided by you) to the camera that captured the motion event. Learn how to add a Shared User.

What SMS alerts will my emergency contacts and I receive?
SMS alerts will be sent for events ranging from minor to emergency events. While emergency event alerts are always on by default, you do have the option to customize what type of non-emergency events you are notified about. Learn more about Virtual Security Guard Event Alerts.

When does an agent have access to my Live View?
Agents can monitor your Live View during a motion event when your alarm mode is set to Home or Away.

If you set your alarm mode to Disarmed while a motion event is taking place, the agent may continue to use Live View until the event is resolved. In these instances, you may hear the agent speaking through Two-Way Talk even after your alarm mode is set to Disarmed.

Agents can’t initiate Live View or download videos.

I think an agent may have resolved an important event. What do I do?
Agents will start to monitor your motion events as soon as they have access to Live View. Depending on various factors, there may be a brief delay between when a motion event is triggered and when an agent opens your Live View. Agents will resolve events based only on what they observe through Live View.

If you have any questions about event resolution or other event inquiries, here’s how to request an Event Resolution Review.

How do I opt out of Virtual Security Guard?
If you were invited to use Virtual Security Guard and would like to opt out, please call 1-866-894-8282.

To immediately stop all monitoring until you can call us, you can unenroll (toggle off) all eligible cameras in the Virtual Security Guard Control Center.

Note: Unenrolling all devices does’t remove Virtual Security Guard from your account and you will continue to see the “Virtual Security Guard is Active” banner in your Ring app. To remove the service, please call Ring Customer Support at the number above.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
For questions about billing, your devices or subscriptions, call our Customer Support Team at 1-866-894-8282.

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