Professional monitoring at a jobsite

If you use Ring Alarm Pro at a jobsite, you may want to add professional monitoring to help secure supplies, equipment and the jobsite property itself.  A Ring Protect Pro subscription is required to have professional monitoring.

Click here for instructions on how to sign up for professional monitoring.


Signing up for professional monitoring at a jobsite

  • A verified address is required. Ring will check to make sure that you provide a complete address.
  • If address cannot be verified, such as a post office box or new home construction, the Ring app will allow you to continue with self monitoring or we can manually verify your new address.
  • You’ll need to select what type of location is being monitored. Is it a home, business, a jobsite that is zones for commercial use, or a jobsite that is zoned for residential use? Please make the correct selection within the Ring app.
    • If you are working at a business or a jobsite zoned for commercial use, we cannot provide Smoke or CO monitoring.
    • If you chose to use Smoke and CO detectors at a jobsite that is zoned for residential use, please be careful of placing detectors in dusty areas, as this could trigger false alarms.

Ring Alarm Pro and Permits

When you move your Alarm Pro to a new address and re-enroll in professional monitoring, you may need to apply for a new permit. Keep an eye out for an email from us with details about your new jurisdiction. You can also check in with your municipality and ask about local permit requirements for alarm systems.

Click here for more information about permits.

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