Frequently asked questions about Ring Jobsite Security

What is Ring Jobsite Security?

Ring Jobsite Security is a portable and durable security solution to help pros and contractors in securing their job sites, tools and materials.

With Ring Alarm Pro, your Ring Jobsite Security can also provide a cellular internet connection to your job site with optional 24/7 Backup Internet 1 (with a Ring Protect Pro Plan).


Where can I buy Ring Jobsite Security?

Currently Ring Jobsite Security cases and bundles are available exclusively at the Home Depot and will be available on and in the future.


What if I don’t have internet at my job site?

No problem. Ring Jobsite Security can provide a cellular internet connection to your job site using our optional 24/7 Backup Internet service..

Each month, 3GB of data are included with a Ring Protect Pro subscription, and customers can opt into Extra Data if they want to use more cellular data for $3/GB for additional data.


What if I lost power at my job site?

Customers can connect up to four Ring Power Packs to their Ring Alarm Pro to provide backup power to the device. Three Ring Power Packs linked together provide up to 24 hours of battery backup for your Ring Alarm Pro. Battery life will vary based on device settings, usage, and environmental factors.


What products are available for Ring Jobsite Security?

  • Ring Jobsite Security 5-Piece Plus Kit ($399.99)
    • Includes: Ring Alarm Pro, Stick Up Cam Battery, Ring Smart Lighting Spotlight Battery, Ring Smart Lighting Motion Sensor, Ring Jobsite Security Case
  • Ring Jobsite Security Case ($129.99)
  • Stick Up Cam Battery ($99.99)
  • Spotlight Cam Battery ($199.99)
  • Ring Smart Lighting Spotlight Battery ($39.99)
  • Ring Smart Lighting Motion Sensor ($24.99)
  • Ring Power Pack ($129.99)
  • Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor ($49.99)

1 Extra data charges may apply. Cellular data is provided by a third party carrier. Coverage, uptime, technology, and speeds will vary. May require backup power if the power goes out. Visit for more details.


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