Requirements for Virtual Security Guard

Virtual Security Guard¹ is a monthly subscription service from Rapid Response that provides live monitoring of camera motion events for the compatible, enrolled cameras at your home or business. Trained agents will monitor events when a person is detected and act accordingly on your behalf.

To use Virtual Security Guard, you’ll need all of the following:

Scroll down to learn more about each requirement.

Compatible Alarm Systems

If needed, you can purchase required devices you might be missing here.

Compatible Security Cameras

Note: Virtual Security Guard requires your eligible device to have wired power to be compatible. If you own one of the below devices and it is currently powered by battery, you will need to hardwire or plug the device into a power outlet for it to work with Virtual Security Guard.

Ineligible Devices

  • Any Ring Cameras not mentioned in the Compatible Security Cameras section above.
  • Any cameras used indoors. Only outdoor cameras are currently supported.
  • Cameras using Video End-to-End Encryption. These can’t be monitored by Virtual Security Guard at this time.
  • Linked Devices. When devices are linked in a Ring security system, the entire group begins functioning if any of them are activated. At this time, this is not supported by Virtual Security Guard.
  • Battery-Powered Devices.

Alarm Professional Monitoring

You must be enrolled in Alarm professional monitoring through your Ring Protect subscription for Virtual Security Guard to work. Please note Alarm professional monitoring and Virtual Security Guard’s monitoring are two separate services.

  • With Alarm professional monitoring, agents will initiate monitoring when one of your Ring Alarm sensors is triggered.
  • With Virtual Security Guard monitoring, Rapid Response agents will only monitor camera motion events when the service is active. They can see what's happening on your cameras and take action if needed.
  • If your Ring Alarm goes off even though Virtual Security Guard is active, the Alarm monitoring agent will follow the response settings you've customized in your Monitoring Settings.
  • If your Ring Alarm goes off, this will be treated as an Alarm event instead of a Virtual Security Guard event even if Virtual Security Guard is active. The Alarm monitoring agent will follow the response settings you've customized in your Monitoring Settings.

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Once you’ve completed setup, make sure you have all the required settings to use the service.

  1. Continue meeting all the requirements listed in previous sections.
  2. Ensure you have good wifi and signal strength at your monitored location. Learn how.
  3. Have VideoEnd-to-End Encryption turned off for enrolled devices.
  4. Stay opted in to SMS alerts from Virtual Security Guard. You can easily do this in the Virtual Security Guard Control Center.
  5. Keep motion detection on for your enrolled devices.
  6. Keep Live View enabled for your enrolled devices. Learn how.
  7. Add the Virtual Security Guard number (+1-424-300-8338) to your phone contacts, so you don’t miss any SMS alerts or event-related calls.
  8. Enroll in professional monitoring and enter your emergency contacts’ information as indicated in the Ring app during enrollment. Click here to learn more about enabling professional monitoring.

Optimizing Camera Placement

Placing your camera in optimal areas is important for Virtual Security Guard.

  • Your cameras should be connected to strong wifi so that agents can see your Live View when motion is detected.
  • Depending on ambient noise and surroundings, the audio range your device can record may vary. This can also affect the effectiveness of Two-Way Talk.
  • Learn more about signal strength here.

Here are a few tips for camera placement.

  • Privacy. Keep your cameras pointed at your own property and away from other people’s private spaces.
  • Coverage. Place cameras in areas where you need extra coverage, such as entry or access points.
  • Angle. Motion detection and visual monitoring work best when cameras are placed so that visitors pass through their view horizontally, not vertically.
  • Get more camera placement tips here.

Still Need Help with Virtual Security Guard?

Contact us at 1-866-894-8282 and we’ll be happy to assist. This Customer Support line is dedicated to Virtual Security Guard customers.


¹Virtual Security Guard is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories), and is an add-on service that requires enrollment, and the following (all sold separately): a subscription fee per enrolled location in addition to a compatible Ring Protect plan, a Ring Alarm system, enrollment in Ring Alarm Professional monitoring, and at least 1 eligible device. Rapid Response is the seller and provider of the camera motion person detection monitoring service and agents. Ring bills your Ring account for this service. Virtual Security Guard subscription fee includes 175 monitored camera motion person detection events per month. Opt in to Extra Events for an additional cost. Ring Alarm sensors are not monitored by Virtual Security Guard (Alarm sensors only trigger Alarm professional monitoring). Learn more here.

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