Requirements for Virtual Security Guard

Virtual Security Guard is a subscription service in which third-party professional monitoring companies will visually monitor motion events on outdoor Ring cameras, help deter crime before it happens, and if needed, call for emergency response. Agents will monitor only the cameras you want, when you want.
Learn more about Virtual Security Guard.

To use Virtual Security Guard, you’ll need all of the following:

    • Ring Alarm with Professional Monitoring
    • Ring Protect Pro or Protect Plus (1st Gen) subscription
    • At lease one eligible outdoor Ring camera (see below)

Eligible Devices

Outdoor Security Cameras



Ineligible Devices

Cameras using Video End-to-End Encryption
Cameras using Video End-to-End Encryption can’t be monitored by Virtual Security Guard at this time.
Learn more about End-to-End Encryption.

Linked Devices
Linking devices allows you to connect your Ring devices together and provides instructions for a group of devices to begin functioning whenever any of them are activated. At this time, Linked Devices are not supported by Virtual Security Guard.
Learn more about Linked Devices.

Ring Alarm Pro using Ring Edge
At this time, Ring Alarm Pro devices using Ring Edge are not compatible with Virtual Security Guard because guards aren’t able to monitor your enrolled cameras.


Camera Placement

Strong wifi signal is important for agents to be able to open your Live View. Follow these best practices for placing your enrolled cameras in optimal locations. Learn more about signal strength.

Please note, depending on ambient noise and surroundings, the audio range your device can record may vary.

Keep your cameras pointed at your own property and away from other people’s private spaces.

Cameras should be installed at least 9 feet above the ground for optimal field of view.

Motion detection and visual monitoring work best when cameras are placed so that visitors pass through their view horizontally, not vertically.

Get more camera placement tips.

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