Virtual Security Guard FAQs

Virtual Security Guard is a subscription service in which third-party professional monitoring companies will visually monitor motion events on compatible Ring cameras, help deter crime before it happens, and if needed, call for emergency response. Agents will monitor only the cameras you want, when you want.¹
Learn more about Virtual Security Guard.

Why should I use Virtual Security Guard?
Virtual Security Guard helps provide peace of mind by keeping an eye on motion events on your property when you are you unable to, such as while you are sleeping, at work, or traveling. If something happens, an agent can intervene remotely and contact you in case of an emergency.

What do I need to start using Virtual Security Guard?
To use Virtual Security Guard, you’ll need all of the following:

    • Ring Alarm with Professional Monitoring
    • Ring Protect Pro or Protect Plus (1st Gen) subscription
    • At lease one compatible Ring camera

How much does Virtual Security Guard cost?
Virtual Security Guard is currently available by invitation only. If you’d like to sign up, click here, and if selected, and you can try the service for a limited time, at no cost to you. When Virtual Security Guard is available, pricing is expected to start at $99 a month.

Do I need a Ring Protect subscription to sign up for Virtual Security Guard?
Yes. To use Virtual Security Guard, you will need a Ring Protect Pro subscription or trial. Learn more about Protect Pro.

How do I customize my alert preferences?
You can adjust your alert preferences from your Ring app, by going to Account > Control Center. From there, select Virtual Security Guard to customize your preferences. At this time, only the account owner can change SMS settings for emergency contacts.

SMS alerts will include a link to the video event. An emergency contact can only view the video recording if they are a Shared User on the Ring account.

How do agents interact with a person on property?
Agents follow clear guidelines for whether and how they interact with the person on your property. For example, an agent will not intervene if delivery or service personnel are detected.

An agent will intervene if property damage or attempted forced entry/break-in is observed by interacting via Two-Way Talk and/or activating the device siren (if available) to help deter unwanted activity.

In cases where an agent believes a dangerous crime or life-threatening situation is taking place, they can dispatch police, medical, or fire services. Agents will promptly notify you and/or your designated emergency contacts.

Do agents interact with delivery drivers and food deliveries?
Agents will monitor the delivery, but do not interact if it’s clear they’re dropping something off, such as a package, mail, or food.

Do monitoring agents see Live View video or Event History?
Monitoring agents only have access to your enrolled device or devices’ Live View and can’t look back at motion event history. Agents can’t download, save or share any of your videos. If an agent viewed Live View during an event, you’ll see a badge on your Timeline letting you know that event was reviewed.

Why was my Virtual Security Guard subscription cancelled?
Your subscription to Virtual Security Guard may have been cancelled if you ended your subscription to Ring Protect Pro or Protect Plus (1st Gen).

A Protect Pro subscription is required to use Virtual Security Guard. If you ended your subscription to Ring Protect Pro or Protect Plus (1st Gen), your Virtual Security Guard subscription will automatically be cancelled.
Learn how to subscribe to Protect Pro.

¹ Virtual Security Guard is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories), and is an add-on service that requires enrollment, and the following: a subscription fee per enrolled location in addition to a compatible Ring Protect plan and a Ring Alarm system (all sold separately), and Ring Alarm professional monitoring. Rapid Response is the seller and provider of the camera motion monitoring service and agents. Ring bills your Ring account for this service. Virtual Security Guard subscription fee includes 175 monitored camera motion events per month. Opt into Extra Events for an additional cost. Virtual Security Guard services are only available with eligible doorbells and cameras. Ring Alarm sensors are not monitored by Virtual Security Guard (Alarm sensors only trigger Alarm professional monitoring). Learn more here.

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