Information about Virtual Security Guard

Virtual Security Guard is a subscription service in which third-party professional monitoring companies will visually monitor motion events on outdoor Ring cameras, help deter crime before it happens, and if needed, call for emergency response. Agents will monitor only the cameras you want, when you want.

To use Virtual Security Guard, you’ll need all of the following:

    • Ring Alarm with Professional Monitoring
    • Ring Protect Pro or Plus (1st Gen) subscription
    • At least one eligible outdoor Ring camera

Note: Virtual Security Guard is currently available by invitation only. If you’d like to sign up, click here, and if selected, you can try the service for a limited time, at no cost to you. When Virtual Security Guard is available, pricing is expected to start at $99 a month.

Activating Virtual Security Guard

Once you have enrolled in the service, you can activate Virtual Security Guard by setting your Ring Alarm Mode to Home or Away. When your enrolled outdoor Ring camera detects motion, an agent is notified. The agent will then view a live video feed to determine what type of activity is taking place on your property – this is called an Event.

When your alarm mode is set to Disarmed, Virtual Security Guard is inactive and agents will not have access to your enrolled device or devices’ Live View.

Event Alerts

When a monitoring agent reviews an event, you will be notified via SMS with a video event link. (SMS alerts will always be sent from +1-424-300-8338).

Additionally, the people listed as your emergency contacts for professional monitoring will also receive an SMS for monitored events. In the case of an escalation, Rapid Response will call your listed emergency contact and if needed, call for emergency services. To view your emergency contacts in the Ring app, open Settings > Monitoring > Emergency Contacts.

While you cannot change or customize SMS alerts for emergency events for you or your emergency contacts, you can make the following customizations to your alerts:

  • Customize alert preferences for non-emergency events.
    You have the ability to customize which SMS alerts you want to receive for each event type. This includes Delivery, Service Worker, and Unknown Person events.
  • Customize who will receive SMS notifications for non-emergency events.
    If you’d like to customize the SMS alerts your emergency contacts receive for non-emergency related events, you can do so in the Ring app. Under the top menu (☰), tap Control Center then Virtual Security Guard to customize alerts. At this time, only the account owner can change SMS settings for emergency contacts.

Event Examples

The following table contains standard monitoring agent responses to sample events that may take place on your property while Virtual Security Guard is armed.

Event Type Description Monitoring Agent Response
Common Event A passerby, vehicle, animal, or other motion is captured on the property. Agent resolves the event without contacting the property owner. No SMS alert will be sent.
Expected Person
on Property
A service worker or delivery person is on the property. Agent sends property owner an SMS alert with a link to a video recording of the event.
Unknown Person
on Property
An unknown person is on the property that is not a service worker or delivery person. Agent uses Two-Way Talk to announce that the property is being monitored and sends an SMS alert with a link to a video recording of the event.
Unknown Person on Property Escalation Unknown person is still on the property after the agent engaged in Two-Way Talk. Agent uses Two-Way Talk to announce that the property is being monitored.

Agent sends property owner an SMS alert indicating that an event needs attention.
Urgent Events Package Theft or Property Damage is taking place. Agent uses Two-Way Talk to announce that the property is being monitored and activates the device siren (if available).

Agent sends an SMS alert to property owner and emergency contacts with a link to video recording of the event.

If necessary, the agent will call the first emergency contact.
Emergency Events A life threatening or violent situation is taking place. Agent activates the device siren (if available) and dispatches emergency services to the property.

Agent calls the property owner and emergency contacts.

Agent sends an SMS alert to property owner and emergency contacts, indicating that emergency services have been alerted with a link to a video recording of the event.


Event Resolutions

Agents will resolve events based only on what they observe through Live View. If you have any questions about event resolution or other event inquiries, please follow the process below to submit a request to Rapid Response.

Event Resolution Review Request

  1. Visit this link and submit all event details and information in the form fields.
  2. Once Rapid Response receives the request, they will review the form submission and look into your event.
  3. After the event has been reviewed, Rapid Response will contact you by phone within 3 business days to discuss their findings.

Reviewed Events

If motion is detected when your Ring Alarm is in Home or Away Mode, an agent will view your camera’s Live View to determine if intervention is required.

A monitoring agent cannot view your property until a motion event is detected. Monitoring agents don’t have access to video recordings and cannot download, share, or save any videos. They can only access Live View motion events on your enrolled devices in real time when Virtual Security Guard is activated.


Whenever an agent monitors an event on your camera, a badge is added to your Event History Timeline video, letting you know which of your videos were reviewed.
Learn more about Video Timeline.

StarkReviewed.svg Guard Reviewed
The monitoring agent has reviewed an event on your property.

StarkAlert.svg Important
The monitoring agent has sent you an SMS letting you know there’s an event on your property that needs your attention.

StarkIntervened.svg Guard Intervened
The monitoring agent has intervened on an event. Review may include using Two-Way Talk to speak to whoever’s on your property or sounding the device siren (if available). During an emergency, the monitoring agent will also contact your emergency contacts and can dispatch emergency services as needed.

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