Device Registered to Someone Else Message During Setup

If you get a message that your doorbell or security camera is registered to someone else during setup, follow the prompts in the Ring app to Learn More About Device Transfers. You can request a transfer from the original/registered owner. If you do not see prompts in the Ring app to initiate a device transfer on your own, first, make sure you have the latest version of the Ring app.

If you update the app and still do not have the feature available you will need to contact Ring Community Support. Also, there may be reasons why you're not able to process the transfer request in the Ring app. In those cases, you'll get a message in your app to contact Community Support. 

If you have a way to contact the original/registered owner, you can send them a link to this page with step-by-step instructions on removing the device from their account.

Important Ownership Information

Deleting the Ring app, cancelling a subscription plan, or physically uninstalling a Ring device does not automatically release ownership. If the previous owner has deleted their Ring app, they’ll need to re-download it, sign in with their login credentials and remove the device from their account following the instructions on this page. 

After you Request a Device Ownership Transfer 

  1. The original/registered owner will get an email messages from Ring telling them that someone is attempting to take over their Ring device. The device ownership transfer process can take 15 days or more starting from the initial request date, depending upon what action is taken by the previous owner.
  2. Once you initiate the process in the Ring app, you’ll receive email messages with status updates. 
  3. If you re-attempt a set up before the device has been released from the previous owner, you’ll get a message saying the transfer has not been completed.

    Note: Ring Community Support cannot expedite requests to release devices from original/registered owners.

How to Remove a Ring Device from your Account and Release Ownership

Open the Ring app:

Shared User 

If you simply want to share access to a Ring device, you can become a Shared User by asking the device owner to send you an invitation.

Purchased from a Retailer - Registered to Someone Else

If you purchased the device from a retailer, and get the message that it's registered to someone else, please return it and ask for a replacement.

Device Cannot be Transferred Message

If you get a message that the device cannot be transferred because it was reported stolen or can’t be transferred for another reason, such as the previous owner is deceased, please contact Ring Support.

Why did I get a message saying my Ring device is registered to another owner if it’s brand new?
If you got a message saying that your Ring device is registered to someone else, at some point, another person started the setup process in the Ring app. If you purchased it from a retailer, you can return the device and get another one. If you purchased the device from someone or got it as a gift, ask the person to follow the instructions on this page to release ownership.

I got a Ring doorbell/camera as a gift and the person that gave it to me said they released ownership. Why can’t I set up the doorbell/camera?
In order to set up a Ring device as a new owner, the previous owner needs to remove the device from their Ring account. Physically uninstalling a Ring device, cancelling a subscription plan or deleting the Ring app does not release ownership. 

I can’t get in touch with the previous owner to get access to the Ring doorbell/camera, what do I do now?
When you attempt a setup in the Ring app there's a process you can follow to request ownership. Ring will initiate contact with the previous owner to release the device, and keep in contact with you by email to let you know when the device is released for setup. This process can take 15 days or more.

I tried to set up a Ring doorbell/camera and the message said The device transfer request is in progress. What should I do?
If the ownership process has not been completed, you’ll need to wait until you receive an email that you can set up the device. Ring Customer Support cannot expedite the ownership process, which can take 15 days or more.

The previous owner of the Ring doorbell/camera is deceased. What should I do?
If the previous owner of the Ring device is deceased, please contact Ring Community Support.

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