Troubleshooting the Alarm Pro Base Station replacement steps

If you tried to use the app to replace or upgrade your Base Station, and you received an error message letting you know that it could not successfully restore your devices and settings to your new system, there are a few possible ways to resolve this issue.

Note: You need to be the owner of the Ring account. Shared Users can’t setup a Base Station.


Step 1 - Unregister your Ring Alarm Pro, then try to set it up again from the beginning.

Unregister your Ring Alarm Pro.

  1. Close the Ring app when you see “not successful / failed” message.
  2. Re-open the Ring app.
  3. Tap on Ring Alarm Pro device page. To do this, open the Menu, then tap Devices, then select Ring Alarm Pro.
  4. Tap the Device Settings tile, then tap Advanced Options.
  5. Select Unregister and follow the steps to unregister the Base Station.

Next, check that you can meet these requirements.

  1. Your new Base Station has to be connected to a power source.
  2. You’re setting up a new Base Station on a Ring app location that already has a Base Station.

Set up the new Base Station again.

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap on the Menu, then tap Set up a Device, tap Security, then tap Ring Alarm Pro.
  3. Make sure that you select the same Ring app location that had the previous Base Station.

If this process doesn’t work, continue with step 2. If everything is working now, you can stop here.


Step 2 - Plug in an ethernet cable with an internet connection.

If your cellular network isn’t working properly, or if there isn’t good cellular reception, you may want to try to connect to the internet using another method. To work around this, plug in an ethernet cable that is connected to a working modem and has internet connectivity via an internet service provider.

After you plug in the ethernet cable, follow the Unregister steps listed above, and then try to set up the new Base Station again. Make sure that you select the same Ring app location that had the previous Base Station.

If this doesn’t work either, continue to Step 3. If this step does work, you can stop here.


Step 3 - Factory reset each device, then pair it with your new Base Station.

Click here for instructions for factory resetting each device.

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