Moving Ring Alarm Pro to a new Location

Locations are a function in the Ring app that allow you to group your Ring devices by their physical location.

Whether you’re brand new to the Ring app or setting up Ring Alarm Pro on an existing account, a location with an accurate physical address is required. This ensures that your Ring products and services work as intended. In an emergency, if help is needed, the Ring monitoring center can request emergency police, fire, or medical responders to your home, business or jobsite.

Creating a new Ring app Location

The account owner will set up a Location when setting up a new Ring account and/or when installing a Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro Base Station.

  • New-to-Ring account owners - When you set up the Ring app and devices, you will need to create a location when setting up their account. Be sure to use an accurate address for every location.
  • Existing account owners who are new to Ring Alarm/Ring Alarm Pro - If you own a Ring camera or other device, you will be able to add Ring Alarm Pro to your existing location when installing Ring Alarm Pro. Depending on the product you’re adding you may be able to use your existing subscription plan, or you may need to upgrade in order to take advantage of all benefits and features.
  • Existing account owners who own a Ring Alarm Base Station - You will have the choice to replace your existing Base Station with Ring Alarm Pro or install Ring Alarm Pro at a brand new location.
    • If you want to replace your Alarm Base Station with Ring Alarm Pro - After confirming which device to setup, select your current location and proceed with the upgrade process that moves your Z-Wave devices and settings.
    • If installing at a new Location - after confirming which device to setup, select the option to create a new location.

Moving your Ring Alarm Pro to a new address

We recommend always updating the Ring app any time you move your Alarm Pro to a new location. This is the easiest way to retain your Alarm Pro settings and subscriptions.

Note: If you don’t change the address in the app and instead remove and set up Alarm Pro at a new Location in the app, you’ll lose your settings and the subscription attached to that location. We recommend updating your address instead.

To change your address:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Change Address
  2. Update your address
  3. Tap Save

If you’re professionally monitored, you will be prompted to switch to self monitoring first. After you change your address, you can quickly re-confirm your settings and enroll in professional monitoring again.

What if I don’t have an address for my Ring Alarm Pro?

If you don’t have an address, you should be careful when creating a new account as an address is required to use Ring Alarm Pro professionally monitoring services. We do NOT suggest entering a false location in order to continue with setup.


Click here to learn about signing up for professional monitoring services at a jobsite.


Ring Alarm Pro and Permits

When you move your Alarm Pro to a new address and re-enroll in professional monitoring, you may need to apply for a new permit. Keep an eye out for an email from us with details about your new jurisdiction. You can also check in with your municipality and ask about local permit requirements for alarm systems. Click here for more information about permits.

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