Using your Ring App for Amazon In-Garage Deliveries

This article will explain what Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery is, and how to use it with the Ring app.

What is Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery?
Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery is a secure, convenient, contactless way to receive Amazon packages. It allows Amazon drivers to place your deliveries safely inside your garage, instead of leaving them on your doorstep.

This is how it works:

    • On delivery day, you’ll receive a notification in the Key by Amazon app notifying you that your package is out for delivery.
    • You'll receive another notification when the driver is two-stops away from your residence.
    • Upon the driver’s arrival, you'll receive an Arriving Now notification.
    • The driver will approach the garage and request access via their Amazon handheld scanner.
    • Amazon verifies that the driver is near your garage door, and that the package belongs to your address.
    • Once the driver and package are verified the myQ smart garage opens.
    • The driver places the package in your garage, within five feet inside, and then closes the garage door.
    • A final notification is sent after the delivery is complete and your garage door is closed.

No contact with the driver or remote unlocking is required.

What do I need to get started with Amazon In-Garage deliveries?
To get started with Amazon In-Garage deliveries, be sure you have: 

  1. An Amazon Prime account.
  2. An installed myQ Smart Garage Hub.
  3. Downloaded myQ app and connected it to your MyQ Smart Garage Hub.
  4. Optional: A Ring indoor cam or stick up security camera installed and set up in the Ring app.Additional Ring security cameras will be available for use beginning June 2021.
  5. The Ring app  Be sure you have the latest version of the Ring app before beginning setup. Use this link to find out how to make sure your Ring app is updated.
  6. Be in a zip code that's supports In-Garage Deliveries.

Is In-Garage Delivery safe?
Amazon confirms the authorized driver is at your address with the correct package before granting temporary one-time access to open your garage door. No access codes or keys are given to the driver. You will receive real-time notifications on the Ring app when the delivery is occurring.

Do I have to provide Amazon with any secure information such as keypad codes or access to my garage door opener?
No. When set up, you will not have to provide any additional information to the driver.

How do I know my home remains secure after the delivery is complete?
Amazon support teams monitor deliveries and verify that once the delivery is complete, your home is secure.

Is In-Garage Delivery contactless?
Yes. You can receive packages inside your garage without the need to interact with drivers, and without drivers touching your garage door.

Is In-Garage Delivery free?
Yes. In-Garage Delivery is free for Amazon Prime members.

Note: In-Garage Delivery is only available for Prime members living in eligible ZIP codes.

Click here to find out if In-Garage Delivery is available in your ZIP code

Do I need to have a camera for In-Garage delivery?
No. The camera is optional. Having a compatible camera, however, will allow you to watch deliveries as they happen. 

Compatible Ring Security Cameras 

If you’re not sure which Ring security camera doorbell you have, you can look it up in the Ring app under Device Health.

  • Stick Up Cam (3rd Generation)
  • Floodlight Cam (2nd Generation)
  • Floodlight Cam Pro
  • Floodlight Cam Plus Indoor Cam
  • Spotlight Cam Battery (v4)
  • Spotlight Cam Battery/Solar
  • Spotlight Cam Wired/Mount
  • Stick Up Cam Battery/Plug In/Solar
  • Stick Up Cam Wired

Linking your Ring Security Camera to Key by Amazon in the Ring app
After you have set up Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery, you can link your Ring security cameras to this access point and get recordings of the deliveries. You’ll need a Ring Protect plan to receive your recordings for the delivery. Scroll down on this page to see step-by-step instructions if you haven't set up Key by Amazon yet. 

  • Open the Ring app
  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Key Delivery
  • Tap the cog icon on the top right
  • On the In-Garage Delivery screen tap Delivery Settings
  • Tap Linked Camera
  • Tap Link Camera to see the list of eligible Ring Security Cameras on the current Location
    • Enable the Live View of your camera, if prompted
  • Turn ON Offline Delivery
  • Save Settings

To Unlink your Ring Security Camera from Key by Amazon in the Ring App

  • Open the Ring app
  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Key Delivery
  • Tap the cog icon on the top right
  • On the In-Garage Delivery screen tap Delivery Settings
  • Tap Linked Camera
  • Tap Unlink Camera
  • Review your Key Delivery setting and confirm to unlink

Customizing Your In-Garage Delivery Notifications in the Ring App

  • Open the Ring app
  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Key Delivery
  • Tap Garage Door
    • Tap the cog icon on the top right
  • On the In-Garage Delivery screen
    • Toggle on Delivery Alerts for days when you’re expecting orders to arrive
    • Tap Delivery Settings to customize In-Garage Deliveries.

Can I see the location of my delivery?
Yes. You can see and track the progress of your deliveries by using the Key tile in your Ring app.

Where do I go if I need support with specific parts of my Amazon In-Garage delivery system?
Support for the components of your Amazon In-Garage delivery system can be found at the following addresses:

How do I set up my Ring app for Amazon In-Garage delivery?
Scroll down for a step-by-step guide to setting up your Ring app for Amazon In-Garage delivery.

Step One - Select Key by Amazon

Open your Ring app and tap the Key delivery tile on your dashboard.

  • Tap Set up Now

Step Two - Link your Ring account to your Amazon account

  • Tap on I Agree. Set Up Key.
  • Tap Link Accounts
  • Enter the password for your Ring account.
  • You will see an Amazon welcome screen. From this screen you can create a new Amazon account or log in with an existing one.
    • Make sure the account that you link is the account with Amazon Prime.
  • When you have finished creating your account or entering your Amazon account credentials, tap Sign In.
    • Your Ring and Amazon accounts are now linked.
  • Tap Continue

Step Three - Link your Ring account to your myQ account

  • Select myQ Garage Door Opener.
  • Tap I have an account.
  • The myQ app should launch with an authorization screen.
    • After the myQ app has launched, confirm you're logged in with the correct account.
  • Enter the password for your myQ account.
  • Tap Allow.
  • You should be taken back to the Ring app. Your accounts are now linked.
  • Tap Continue.

Step Four - Set up Key by Amazon in-Garage delivery

  • From the Amazon address book, select the address where you plan to receive In-garage deliveries.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Select a garage door you'd like to use for Key deliveries.
  • Your Ring app is now set up!

Step Six (optional) - Download the Key app

Next, optionally download the Key by Amazon app for additional features such as:

  • Add household members to your account.
  • Linking a Ring camera to watch your deliveries.
  • Receive notifications for Key Deliveries.

Note: Remember to select Key Delivery at checkout on to receive your packages inside your garage.

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