Live View for Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras

The Live View feature for your Ring doorbell or security camera is available through your Ring app. Live View allows you to see what's happening outside your door and around your home. To access Live View, you can open your Ring app and tap on an image from one of your Ring devices.

New navigation features for Live View are being rolled out incrementally in order to improve the Live View experience. 

New Live View Features Available in Your Timeline with Your Ring Protect Plan

If you have a Ring Protect Plan you can watch recorded events in the video viewer. To review recent events in your Timeline, you can swipe right or left in History to view a previous event or the next event.

At the bottom of the screen you'll have options to share events, view a calendar and filter events. To expand the screen, so you can see a larger image, you can tap the double-sided arrows that are pointing outward. To collapse the screen and make it smaller, tap the two arrows that are pointing toward each other. When your screen is zoomed in, you can drag within the view to see other areas of your property. 

When you're in your History, you'll have the option to go to Live View by tapping on Live and be able to will be able to see your property in a new, dedicated display.  







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