Installing your Level Lock


The Level Lock is an invisible smart lock, designed to fit easily into a deadbolt opening and blend naturally with the style of a home. Level Lock lets family, friends or service providers share access via the Ring app and allows for automation such as automatically locking the door when someone leaves or receiving entry and exit notifications.  

To learn how to install the Level Lock, click here.

To install your Level Lock:

  1. Collect the tools you need.
  2. Take out the current lock.
  3. Take out the bolt.
  4. Take out the bolt strike plate.
  5. Verify the bolt length.
  6. Check the new lock fit.
  7. Install the new bolt.
  8. Install Level Motor.
  9. Install the tailpiece adapter.
  10. Install the tailpiece.
  11. Reinstall housings.
  12. Test the new bolt.
  13. Install the Level strike plate.
  14. Install the battery.
  15. Test the lock with the app.

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Level Lock Technical Specifications

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To learn more about setting up your Level Lock and using it, click here.

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