Store and Process Videos Locally with Ring Edge and Your Ring Alarm Pro

This article will answer commonly asked questions concerning Ring Edge, which enables storing and processing videos captured on your Ring device within your local system rather than in the cloud.

What does it mean to “store and process videos locally” rather than in the cloud?
Your Ring Alarm Pro has the capability of processing your videos right on your device and storing them on a MicroSD card inserted into the Ring Alarm Pro. To use this feature, you'll need a MicroSD card, a Ring Protect Pro Plan, and a Ring Alarm Pro Base Station.

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What is the Ring Protect Plan?
A Ring Protect Plan is an optional subscription that unlocks premium features for your devices, like video recording, professional monitoring, and more. Without Ring Protect Plan, you can access Live View on your doorbells and cameras and answer doorbell notifications when they happen, but you do not get video recordings of those events. The Ring Protect Pro plan is recommended for Ring Alarm Pro customers in order to utilize professional monitoring, 24/7 Backup Internet, eero Secure, Alexa Guard Plus, and additional features.

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What are the benefits of storing and processing videos locally rather than in the cloud?
Storing and processing your videos locally has a variety of benefits including:

  • Data is stored locally rather than in the cloud, so it can be saved and accessed securely on a MicroSD card.
  • Data may be encrypted on your MicroSD card which makes the card unreadable if stolen.

Can I view videos stored locally on a PC?
If you have activated optional encryption on your MicroSD card, you cannot view the locally stored videos on another device.

How do I set my Ring camera or Video Doorbell to local storage?
Setting your cameras or Video Doorbells to local storage is easy. Follow these instructions:

  1. During the Ring Alarm Pro setup, you’ll see an Activate Ring Edge screen
  2. Tap Get Started.
  3. If you already have Ring cameras installed, they'll be displayed on screen.
  4. For cameras you wish to have local processing and storage, simply tap the toggle to turn this feature on.
  5. If you do not already have Ring cameras installed, you can always go back to Ring Alarm Pro then tap on Enrolled Cameras to opt cameras into local processing and storage once your cameras are set up.

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