Understanding Quick Controls

Quick Controls is a feature in the Timeline that will allow you to see the current status of multiple devices at a glance. Quick Controls puts Location-relevant device controls over lights and sirens, on your Ring devices, as well as smart locks available at that Location. Quick Controls will also show the status of myQ-enabled garage doors.at your fingertips when you review recordings on your Timeline. 



How do Quick Controls work?
Quick Controls are function-specific buttons for the current Location. Press the button in the bottom center of the Live View (or on the left-hand side in landscape orientation), you will see up to three tabs:

  • Device Control: Shows the current status of, and provides toggles to activate, the light and/or siren for the Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam, and Stick-Up Cam.
  • Locks: Shows the current status of, and provides toggles to lock/unlock, any Z-Wave locks, Amazon Key lock, and Ring Access Controller Pro associated with the Location and account.
  • Garage: Shows the current status of linked myQ garage door opener devices, and provides a link to the myQ app where the garage doors can be opened or closed. 
    • Note: Going to the myQ app will end a Live View.

To see Quick Controls in Live View, you must have Event History Timeline enabled. 

To ensure that your Event History Timeline is enabled:

  • Tap the three lines on the top left in the Ring app
  • Tap Account
  • Look for Advanced Settings 
  • Toggle the Event History Timeline on (blue).  


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