Installing your Mailbox Sensor

Installing your Mailbox Sensor is a simple process. Simply follow the instructions below.

Installing the mailbox sensor with the antenna

  • The Mailbox Sensor goes on the inside of your mailbox door. The antenna goes on the outside, and its cable needs to run inside to the sensor. To avoid damaging the cable, there must be a hole or gap for the cable to run through. If your mailbox doesn't have one, make your own using the included drillbit.
  • Open the cover on the Mailbox Sensor by pulling the tabs on the side of the cover gently.
  • Place three "AAA" batteries into the battery depressions in the Mailbox Sensor and replace the cover on the Sensor. Be sure to poke out the plastic hole cover for the antenna plug!
  • Mount the hexagon-shaped antenna to the outside of your mailbox using the included double-sided tape. Then run the cable through the gap or hole you've chosen. If you drilled a hole, wrap the included grommet around the cable and press into hole.
  • Plug the antenna cable into the hole in the sensor cover and mount the sensor on the inside of the mailbox door using the included double-sided tape


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