Changing your method of receiving a verification code from email to text message

Ring is phasing out email as a method of account verification as a part of Two-Step Verification. This article will walk you through the process of changing from email to text message to get a one-time use passcode. 

What is Two Step Verification?

Two-Step Verification is a mandatory security feature that helps keep your account secure and helps prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your Ring account. With every new login to your Ring account, you will receive a one-time six-digit verification code via text message to verify your login attempt. That one-time verification code must be entered within 10 minutes of the time you request it. You must do this for any device that you use to log into your account.  The one-time verification code helps verify that the person trying to log into your account is actually you. 

Two-Step Verification is required for both account Owners and Shared Users. The Two-Step Verification process for Shared Users is the same as for account Owners.  

Why am I being asked to change my method of receiving the One-Time verification code from email to text message?
Text message delivery of the one-time verification codes helps you maintain control of your Ring account in case something happens to your email account (for example, if you lose access to your email account or it is compromised), because the verification code is sent to your phone.

Use this link to learn more about Two-Step Verification.

How to Change Your One-Time Passcode Verification Method from Email to Text Message

Accessing the Ring Control Center

From the Ring App

To access the Ring Control Center in the Ring app:

  • Open the Ring app, tap on the three lines () on the top of the Dashboard
  • Tap Control Center
  • Tap Account Verification
  • Tap Text Message.
    • Then follow the steps in the Ring app to complete the set up
  • To go back to the main Control Center screen, tap Back on the top left (< Back)

From from a Desktop or Laptop or Mobile Browser

Log into your account at with the same email address and password that you use to log into the Ring app. If you're using a desktop computer, the Account option will be on the top right. Control Center will be an option under Account.

If you're using a mobile browser, tap the three lines on the top left and you'll see Control Center as an option under Account Settings.

Once you’re in the Ring Control Center and tap Account Verification you can tap Text Message to get one time passcodes sent to your mobile device. You’ll need your Ring password to complete the process.

Note: Security reminder — avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts.

Click here to learn more about password safety.

For more information on creating a secure password, use this link.

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