Ring Mailbox Sensor Information

With the Ring Mailbox Sensor you’ll always know when your mailbox is opened. 

This article answers commonly asked questions concerning the Ring Mailbox Sensor.

What is the Ring Mailbox Sensor?
Ring Mailbox Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered motion sensor that tells you when your mailbox is opened. Ring Mailbox Sensor works with your Ring app and sends notifications to a smart phone or any Alexa-enabled device when the device detects motion. With Linked Devices, Ring Mailbox Sensor can be set to trigger Ring Doorbells and Cams to begin recording, or Smart Lighting can be set to illuminate, as soon as motion is detected at your mailbox. 

Note: A Ring Bridge is required to receive notifications from Smart Lighting.

Can the Ring Mailbox Sensor be used outdoors? Indoors?
Yes. Ring Mailbox Sensor is weather resistant.

Can you use Live View with the Ring Mailbox Sensor?
No. The Ring Mailbox Sensor does not have a camera or microphone.

Can you use two-way talk with the Ring Mailbox Sensor?
No. The Ring Mailbox Sensor does not have a camera or microphone.

Can you pair the Ring Mailbox Sensor with other Ring devices?
Yes, with a Ring Bridge. With Linked Devices, users can connect their Ring devices together to see what’s happening from a single dashboard and control everything with one simple app, making their home even smarter. Simply use the Ring app to connect your Ring devices, choosing to enable recording of your other cameras when your mailbox is opened.

I have a shared mailbox. Can I use this in my box?
We do not recommend using this in a shared mailbox. A Ring Bridge is also required to receive notifications, and may not reach a mailroom in a residential building. Please reach out to your HOA for rules and regulations.

Mailboxes are frequently damaged or stolen, will Ring replace my sensor if someone damages my mailbox?
Yes. Ring has a Theft Protection policy and will replace a stolen or damaged device. Learn more here.

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