Duress Code (Silent Alarm) - False Alarm Tips

The duress code enables users to request emergency dispatch silently via the Keypad. This feature is only available with professional monitoring. 


Note: The duress code cannot be tested or canceled. Only use your duress code in a real emergency.


Before you use it, please read this carefully.

  • The alarm will NOT sound when you enter your Duress code. It is a silent alarm. 
  • If you used the Duress code, the keypad will appear to work normally, and your system will appear to be disarmed. If you have professional monitoring, the signal went out, and emergency response is being automatically requested. 
  • The Duress signal is treated as a hostage situation and will result in a police response.
  • The Monitoring Center will NOT call you when they receive a Duress signal. 
  • You can only test your Duress code using the Duress Test feature within the app. You cannot test it out on your own - doing so will result in emergency response. 


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