Canceling Security by Ring

There is no commitment when you sign up for a Security by Ring plan, and you can cancel anytime, for any reason.  If you need to cancel your Security by Ring plan, there are a few things you should know. 

  1. Your Verizon LTE cellular backup service for your Ring Alarm will end immediately, as soon as your plan is canceled. 
  2. If you have Ring cameras or Ring Video Doorbells at your location, your video storage benefit will end. As a courtesy, Ring will provide you with a 7-day trial of Ring Protect to give you some time to download any videos or sign up for a Ring Protect plan.
  3. If you want to resume video service, you can sign up for either Ring Protect or Security by Ring. (Note: If you select Ring Protect , you will not be eligible for professional monitoring or Verizon LTE cellular backup. To receive these benefits, please choose a Security by Ring plan instead for your Ring Alarm Security Kit with Verizon LTE kit.)
  4. If you want to resume LTE cellular backup and professional monitoring for your Ring Alarm Security Kit with Verizon LTE, you can simply re-subscribe to Security by Ring.

How to cancel your Verizon Security by Ring plan.

All Security by Ring plan enrollment and cancellations are managed by Verizon.

To cancel, call Verizon customer support at 1-800-922-0204. You’ll be prompted to enter the cell phone number for your Verizon Wireless account. When you reach an agent, ask to cancel your Security by Ring plan.

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