Pre-Roll and Advanced Pre-Roll - Understanding the Difference

This article will answer many of the commonly asked questions concerning the differences between both the Pre-Roll and Advanced Pre-Roll functions.

What is Pre-Roll?

The Pre-Roll feature enables you to view more complete motion events. A Ring device with Pre-Roll or Advanced Pre-Roll will capture the previous few seconds before a motion event is triggered, getting the critical seconds of activity and attaching it to the event clip. This provides you with a better look at what's happening outside your door. 

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The chart below details the differences between the two types of Pre-Roll:


Pre-Roll - Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus and Ring Video Doorbell 4

Advanced Pre-Roll (Wired Devices)

Pre-Roll Video Length

4 seconds

Visible as a picture-in-picture in Live View when answering an alert, and at the beginning of a recorded video in the Timeline.

6 seconds

Visible at the beginning of a recorded video in the Timeline. 


Black and White (Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus)

Color (Ring Video Doorbell 4)

Full Color
Definition Low Definition High Definition
Sound No Sound Full Sound
Low Light Does not function Full functionality


What battery-powered devices include the Pre-Roll feature?

At this time, only the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus (black and white preroll) and Ring Video Doorbell 4 (color preroll), include the Pre-Roll feature. 

How does Pre-Roll work?

Pre-Roll is made possible by a range of low-powered cameras embedded into the doorbell. When the feature is enabled, these low-powered cameras record up to four seconds of video in a rolling buffer on the camera’s local memory, which constantly overwrites itself automatically. When you answer a motion event or a doorbell push with Live View, the content in the buffer is made available as a picture-in-picture so you can see what preceded an event.

Is Pre-Roll always on?

No. Like most features in a Ring device, the Pre-Roll feature can be toggled on or off. 

Pre-Roll is enabled by default in the Ring app, but can be toggled on and off in the “Video Settings” screen within the app. 

The four seconds of Pre-Roll are in black and white. Can those videos be in color?

No. In order to conserve power, the four seconds of Pre-Roll video is recorded in black and white and low resolution. 

Does the Pre-Roll video have sound?

No. In order to preserve power, the four seconds of Pre-Roll video are silent.

Is Ring Protect required to use Pre-Roll on a Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus?

No. Pre-Roll on this device works for everyone, regardless if you are subscribed to a Ring Protect Plan or not. However, if you do not subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan, you will only be able to view Pre-Roll as a picture-in-picture in Live View.


Ring Protect Plan subscribers will be able to take full advantage of the Pre-Roll feature, including seeing Pre-Roll video previews in their Ring app timeline or event history, as well as for answered motion notifications.

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Advanced Pre-Roll

Is Advanced Pre-Roll always enabled?

Advanced Pre-Roll is always enabled for wired Ring devices. 

Is a Ring Protect subscription needed to use Advanced Pre-Roll?

Yes. Advanced Pre-Roll enhances recordings of events, and event recording is one of the advantages to subscribing to Ring Protect.

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Which wired Ring devices have Advanced Pre-Roll?

The following Ring Wired devices have Advanced Pre-Roll:  

  • Floodlight Cam
  • Spotlight Cam Wired
  • Spotlight Cam Mount
  • Video Doorbell Elite
  • Video Doorbell Pro
  • Stick Up Cam Wired
  • Stick Up Cam Elite
  • Indoor Cam

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