Troubleshooting your Ring Alarm Motion Detector (2nd generation)

Having issues with your 2nd generation Ring Alarm Motion Detector? Follow these steps to help resolve them.


The light patterns on your Motion Detector will help you identify if it’s working well, or if there’s something wrong. When you press the button on the front of the Motion Detector, you may see:

  • Single green flash = Communication is successful. It’s working. 
  • Single red flash = Communication unsuccessful, but the Motion Detector is still on your network.
  • Three green flashes = The Motion Detector is not connected to your Ring Alarm network. 


What if my Motion Detector won’t connect or seems to be offline?

Try these steps, one at a time, and see if any of them resolve the issue before moving on to the next step. If the light flashes green one time, it’s back online and working.

  • Press the button on the front cover. 
  • Move the Motion Detector closer to the Base Station.
  • Move a Range Extender between your Motion Detector and the Base Station.
  • Remove the back cover from the device (which will tamper it), then replace the cover.
  • Remove the back over, remove both batteries, wait a few seconds, then reinsert them. 
  • If nothing works and there is no light on the Motion Detector, try replacing the batteries with new ones.


What if I need to remove my Motion Detector from my Ring Alarm?

If you no longer want to use your Motion Detector, or it’s not working properly and you want to remove it and re-add it to your Ring Alarm, follow these steps:

  1. In the Ring app, tap Menu, then tap Devices, then tap Alarm Base Station, then tap the Motion Detector you wish to remove. 
  2. Tap the Gear icon on the top right corner, then tap Remove.
  3. Remove the cover, and press the pinhole on the back of the sensor once. You’ll see the LED light up red for 3 seconds, if the reset was successful.
  4. The app will let you know the device was removed. You can remove the battery from the device until ready to use again.


What if I am still having trouble connecting my Motion Detector?

  1. Remove the back cover from the device.
  2. Remove the battery from the device.
  3. In the Ring app, tap Menu, then tap Devices, then tap Alarm Base Station, then tap Base Station.
  4. Tap the Gear icon on the top right corner, then tap Advanced Options, then tap Z-Wave, then tap Remove Z-Wave Device
    Note: DO NOT TAP “Reset Z-Wave Network”. This will remove your entire Ring Alarm network and you’ll need to reset every device. 
  5. Tap Remove and the app will say “Removing device, Listening for device to remove”.
  6. Tap the pinhole reset button with a paperclip or the pinhole tool. The device should be removed successfully and you may now set up the device.


Factory Reset your Motion Detector:

If you’re having difficulty with your device and it’s not working properly, and you’ve tried everything else, you can factory reset the Motion Detector as a last resort. This setting will remove it from your Ring Alarm, and restore the default settings.

  1. Remove the Motion Detector back cover. Keep the batteries in the device.
  2. Use the pinhole tool or a paper clip to press and hold the reset button (on the back of the device) until you see the LED on the front turn red, about 10 seconds.

The LED on the front of the sensor should begin blinking. Hold the button down until the LED turns red.

If you have exhausted all of the steps listed here, we recommend reaching out to our support teams for assistance.


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