Managing Your Devices Using App Shortcuts

The dashboard of your Ring App can help you better control your Ring devices with the help of shortcuts. This article will answer commonly asked questions about shortcuts.

What are shortcuts?
Shortcuts are tiles that appear on the dashboard of the Ring app. Some of these shortcuts can take you to pages that contain basic quick controls for certain devices, while others will take you to a different part of the app. You can use your shortcuts to better control your devices and get to the information you need faster. 

What types of shortcuts currently exist in the Ring app?
There are currently six different shortcuts available in the Ring app. The following lists the  available shortcuts, what they do, and what information they provide when tapped: 

  • Neighbors: If available for your country, Neighbors will show you locally reported events in your neighborhood.
  • History: Quickly see, and access all activity on your cameras, Smart Lights, or Alarm system.
  • Ring Alarm: This shortcut will take you to your list of Ring Alarm devices. From there you can see the status of individual sensors and components and access their settings.
  • Lights: This shortcut tile will show you if any lights are currently on. Tapping on this tile will open a page where you can:
    • See the status of all of your connected devices with lights - including your Ring Smart Lights and your Floodlight or Spotlight Cam. 
    • Turn on or off individual lights as well as Light Groups.
  • Chime: This will take you to a page where you see the status of all of your Chimes (Online, Snoozed, or Offline). You can also snooze (or un-snooze) a Chime from this page and access a Chime’s device settings.
  • Locks: 
    • If you have just one lock installed at the location, this shortcut is a one-touch lock/unlock button from the dashboard. 
    • If you have multiple locks installed at the location, tapping this shortcut will open a page where you can see the status of all of your connected locks and access controllers, control these devices, and access device settings. 

Some of my shortcut tiles are gray. What does that mean?
A gray shortcut tile means that no eligible devices in that category are currently set up at your location. Tapping on a gray shortcut tile will bring you to a page that tells you more about this device category and how it works with your other Ring devices. From here, you can tap Setup (if you already own the device but haven't set it up in the Ring App) or you can tap a Shop Now link to visit an Amazon page where you can purchase the device. 

How do I rearrange my shortcuts?
If you want to change the order of your shortcuts, simply tap the Edit tile in the shortcuts menu. This will bring you to a page where you can change the order of your shortcuts by dragging and dropping them. You can also hide unused shortcuts by dragging them to the Hidden Shortcuts section of the page. 

I've hidden all of my shortcuts and I'd like to bring them back. How do I do that?
To restore your shortcuts, do the following:

  • Open your Ring app.
  • Tap the three-lined menu in the upper-left hand side of the screen to open the side menu.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Shortcuts.
  • Drag and drop a shortcut from the Hidden Shortcuts section to the Visible Shortcuts section.

When you revisit your Ring dashboard, you will see that the shortcut is available again.

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