Using Motion Zones with your Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

In this article, we'll explore using Motion Zones on your Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) and highlight a few tips to help you make the most of this feature.

To find out more about Motion Zones for video doorbells, click here.

What are Motion Zones?

Motion Zones let you select a specific area that you want your video doorbell to cover while excluding everything outside the zones. You can use Motion Zones to cover only the areas you want the video doorbell to monitor.

Note: You will need at least one Motion Zone selected in the app for motion detection to work.

How to Set Up Motion Zones for Your Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

To set up Motion Zones on Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) on your iOS device:

    1. Open the Ring app.
    2. Tap three lines (≡) on the top left side of your dashboard.
    3. Tap Devices.
    4. Tap the video doorbell you want to adjust.
    5. Tap Motion Settings.
    6. Tap Motion Zones.
    7. Choose a default zone and add up to three zones.


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