Ring Smart Solar Floodlight Information

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlights are part of Ring’s Smart Lighting line of products. They strengthen your security while illuminating your home and property with the power of the Sun. Use Smart Lighting Solar Floodlights to protect your home without worrying about power problems.

This article answers common questions about Ring’s Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight.

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What are Smart Lighting Solar Floodlights?
Smart Lighting Solar Floodlights are an ultra-bright motion-sensing smart dual-head floodlight that illuminates large areas with powerful adjustable lights. Powered by the Sun, they’re easy to install and bring down the cost and maintenance needed to keep your security system in top shape. 

What other Ring Smart Lighting products are available?
Ring Bridge: The central connection point for all Ring Smart Lighting products. Enables smart lighting control from anywhere, using the Ring app. lets Ring Smart Lighting products interact with other Ring products for enhanced security.

Ring Smart Solar Pathlights: Make your home more beautiful and secure by lighting up your property and keeping it safe day or night with solar power. 

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Steplights: These are compact motion-sensing smart lights that are perfect for illuminating stairways, decks and other walkways. Powered by the Sun, they need no wiring for easy installation.

Ring Steplight: Compact motion-sensing smart lights that are perfect for illuminating stairways, decks, and other walkways. They're also battery-powered for easy no-wiring installation.

Ring Spotlight: Bright motion-sensing smart spotlight with a single-beam. Battery-powered for easy no-wiring installation in hard to reach places such as trees and dark corners. Illuminates key areas with ease.

Ring Floodlight Battery: Bright motion-sensing smart dual-head floodlight. Battery-powered for easy no-wiring installation. Illuminates large areas with powerful adjustable lights and a positionable motion sensor.

Ring Floodlight Wired: Ultra-bright motion-sensing smart dual-head floodlight. Hardwired into house power. Illuminates large areas with powerful adjustable lights.

Ring Motion Sensor: Stand-alone motion sensor lets you monitor for motion in areas and trigger lights, doorbells, and cameras. Battery-powered for easy no-wiring installation.

Ring Transformer: Smart power supply for low-voltage wired landscape lights. Plugs into a standard GFCI power outlet. Adds smart features to existing compatible lights for fully integrated lighting designs in places such as pathways, driveways, and flower beds..

What is the Ring Bridge? Do I need to purchase one to use my Solar Floodlight?
Yes. As with other Ring Smart Lighting products, Ring Smart Lighting Solar products require a Ring Bridge to be tied into your Ring system. The Bridge connects to the Ring app using your home Wi-Fi network and connects to other Ring Smart Lighting products using a proprietary long-range communication protocol.

Without the Ring Bridge, your floodlight functions only as a standard motion-sensing light. With a Bridge, you can control whole groups of lights at once and be notified via the Ring app when any light or Motion Sensor senses movement.

In addition, you can use your Ring app to create Groups of Smart Lights and Ring cameras that work together to enhance security. For example, if you’re subscribed to Ring Protect, your Ring Stickup Cam can begin recording video as soon as motion is detected by your Floodlight. This provides footage that captures motion events earlier.

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Do I need a Ring Protect subscription to use Ring Smart Solar Floodlight?
No. Ring Floodlights provide smart controls functionality with or without a Ring Protect subscription. Ring Protect is required to enable video recording for any Security Camera you plan to link to Ring Smart Lights.

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Is there a camera system on the Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight?
No. The Ring Lighting Solar Floodlight only provides lighting and motion detection functions.

What type of lighting elements are used in Ring Smart Solar Floodlights?
Ring Smart Solar Floodlights feature high-efficiency LED lights.

How long do the lighting elements last in Ring Floodlights?
LEDs will last for tens of thousands of hours (on the order of 20 years) before burning out.

Do Ring Smart Solar Floodlights work with Alexa?
Yes, Ring Smart Solar Floodlights products work with select Alexa-enabled devices. You can turn on and off lights or groups of lights, use Smart Solar Floodlights as Alexa Routines triggers, and adjust settings like brightness, and manage alerts.

Click here to learn more about Using Alexa Skills with your Ring products.

How are the Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlights powered?

  • Ring Quick Release Battery Pack (1 included, can hold 2)
  • Charge with Ring solar panel (included) or Micro USB charging cable (included)
  • Place solar panel in direct sunlight to recharge and store power.

Can Ring Smart Solar Floodlights be set to activate during the day?
Yes. If desired, you can change settings in the Ring app to let motion trigger your lights in the daytime, however this will impact battery life of the product and is not recommended.

Can Ring Smart Solar Floodlights be set to automatically light up at night?
Yes. The Ring app has a Scheduler feature that will have the lights glow softly when the sun goes down and turn off when it comes back up. The Scheduler can also be set to turn the lights on and off at other times. 

Can I share control of the Smart Solar Floodlight with other people?
Not at this time.

What comes in the Floodlight box?
Each Floodlight package contains:

  • Ring Smart Solar Floodlight.
  • Ring Quick Release Battery Pack
  • Solar Panel with mounting bracket
  • Charging Cable
  • Instruction manual.
  • Mounting hardware
  • Ring Security sticker.

Is the Smart Solar Floodlight weather resistant? 
Yes, the Ring Smart Solar Floodlight is dust and waterproof to the IP66 standard and made of UV resistant materials.  They are designed to be used outdoors.  

How many Smart Solar Floodlights and other Smart Lights can I connect to the Ring Bridge?
The Ring Bridge can support up to 50 Smart Lighting devices. These devices can all be in one Group or multiple Groups.

How do I setup and install my Smart Solar Floodlights?
Click here for information on setting up and installing your Smart Solar Floodlight.

Is the manual available to download?
Yes. Click here to download the manual.

How fast does my wifi need to be to properly use Ring Floodlights?
We suggest your wifi should be at least 1MB upload and download speed.

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