Replacing your Verizon Ring Alarm Base Station

If you have to replace your existing Ring Alarm Base Station with Verizon LTE, and set up a new one, you’ll need to take an extra step in order to ensure that you have cellular backup. 

If you skip this step, you won’t get cellular backup for your new Ring Alarm.


Activating cellular backup

To activate cellular backup on this new Base Station, you need to call Verizon at 1-800-922-0204 and ask customer support to activate your new replacement Ring Alarm Base Station. 

You may see the following screen. You’ll also receive an email with details. 



Before you call Verizon

Before you call Verizon, please find the following pieces of information in order to process your request: 

  • IMEI and ICCID numbers located on your old and new Verizon Base Stations. You can find these numbers on the label on the bottom of the Base Station, and on a label on the box.  
  • MDN number for your existing Base Station. This number can be found on your Verizon bill, and will be linked to your Security by Ring service.  

Note: Ring Customer Support can’t resolve this issue. If you call Ring Customer Support, you’ll be transferred to Verizon. For faster service, please contact Verizon directly.

If you need additional help setting up the security devices for your replacement Ring Alarm Base Station, click here.


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