How Your Local Public Safety Agency Uses Neighbors

How does my local public safety agency use Neighbors?
Public safety agencies can use a tool called Neighbors Public Safety Service to: 

  • Post crime and safety alerts in their community. View and comment on public posts within their jurisdiction as an identified public safety user. 
  • Use the video request feature to ask Ring to request video recordings from Ring device owners who are in the area of an active investigation.
  • When making a video request to Ring, public safety users must reference a case number, and can only request video recordings within a limited time and area. With each request, Ring users decide whether to share any of their video recordings, take no action (decline), or opt-out of all future requests.

Neighbors Public Safety Service is also designed to limit the information that public safety agencies are able to access so that our users’ privacy is protected: 

  • No access to devices: Public safety agencies are never given access to users’ devices through Neighbors Public Safety Service or by Ring. 
  • No user account information: Users are identified only as “Neighbor #”, public safety agencies cannot see or access user account information on Neighbors Public Safety Service without that user’s explicit consent. 
  • No device location: Neighbors Public Safety Service does not provide public safety with the addresses at which any devices are located without a user’s explicit consent. 
  • No direct access to users when making video requests: To protect user privacy, all video requests are facilitated through Ring, not public safety agencies directly. With video requests, Ring does not provide public safety agencies with information about our users unless a user explicitly decides to share video recordings and their personal information. For more information about video requests, please read our full FAQ article here

If my local public safety agency starts using the Neighbors App, how will I know?
Ring sends in-app announcements to users through the Neighbors App when local public safety agencies start using Neighbors. You may also see a press release, social media posts or other external announcements if the public safety agency chooses to post them.

You can also search our Active Agency Map here to see if your local public safety agency has signed up to use Neighbors. 

How can I learn more about how public safety agencies use the Neighbors App?
Read the full FAQ article here.

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