Door View Cam Changed its Name to Peephole Cam

On October 1, 2019, Ring’s Door View Cam changed its name to Peephole Cam. To help our neighbors with this name change, the following article will answer some common questions about the change. 

Why are you changing the name of the product from Door View Cam to Peephole Cam?

After the worldwide release of the Door View Cam, we received feedback from our United States neighbors that the name “Door View Cam” was a bit confusing and didn’t properly convey what the product actually was. Thus we changed the name in the United States to “Peephole Cam” to better convey the idea that the product was an enhancement to the peephole functions on an apartment door. 

The Ring Peephole Cam is a smart video doorbell that allows everyone to enhance the security around their home. The Ring Peephole Cam offers some of the same powerful array of features as our other smart doorbells, including 1080p video Live View with night vision, two-way talk, and motion detection that can alert you when a visitor has come to the door. Plus Peephole Cam can detect door activity including knocks.

Is anything else changing about the product?
No. Everything else about the Peephole Cam remains the same as when it was named Door View Cam. 

Will this affect my ability to get support for a Door View Cam that I’ve already purchased?
No. If you’ve already purchased a Door View Cam all warranties, guarantees,  and support options available at your purchase are still available to you without change. 

Is this change happening in Europe or elsewhere in the world?
No. This change only affects products in the United States. 

I was trying to set up my new Peephole Cam and the instructions in the Ring app say “Door View Cam.” Will this impact my ability to set up my Peephole Cam?
No. It sometimes takes a few days for changes in the app to roll out to all neighbors. The name change should arrive in your Ring app in a couple of days. In the meantime, you can still set up your Peephole Cam without a problem. 

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