Physically Installing Your Indoor Cam

Physically installing up your Indoor Cam is a simple process. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide.  

Note that you should set up your Indoor Cam in the Ring app before physically installing it.

Click here for information on setting up your Indoor Cam in the Ring app.

Choose your Location

Your Indoor Cam will be happy just about anywhere indoors. It can sit on its own stand, or mount to a wall or ceiling. 

Choose a spot where it can provide the view that you want.

Install Indoor Cam on a Table or Shelf

Place the Indoor Cam at your chosen location.

Then plug the included power cable into the back of your Indoor Cam (be sure to push it in firmly) and plug the other end into an outlet.

Your Indoor Cam is now ready to protect you!

Install Indoor Cam on a Wall 

  • Remove the base of the Indoor Cam by unscrewing it using a standard Phillips-head screwdriver (not included).
  • Re-attach the base to the back of your Indoor Cam with the "UP" arrow on the bracket pointing upward.
  • Remove the mounting bracket by sliding it down to remove it from the base.
  • Hold the bracket against your wall, making sure the "UP" arrow is pointing upward, and mount it with the included screws.
  • Mount your Cam by guiding the grooves in the base on the hooks on the bracket. Slide Indoor Cam down to secure it to the wall.
  • Once secure, plug the power cord into your Indoor Cam, then plug the adapter into a power outlet.

You can now rotate your Indoor Cam to the desired angle and check out the live video in the Ring app to make sure you have the view you want.

Your Indoor Cam is now ready to protect you!

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