How to Connect the Ring Solar Panel to your Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd Generation)

If you have a Ring Solar Panel or Ring Super Solar Panel, installing it with your Stick Up Cam Battery is an easy process. Simply follow the steps below: 

Step One: Mount the Solar Panel

You can mount your Solar Panel directly into wood using screws and a screwdriver. If you are mounting to brick, concrete, or stucco, do the following:

  • Mark the holes where you wish to mount your Solar Panel.
  • Drill a hole for the anchors using the provided drill bit.
  • Insert the anchors.
  • Use the screws to secure the mount.


Step Two: Remove the plug

  • Remove the rubber plug from the rear of your Stick Up Cam unit.


Step Three: Plug it in

  • Plug your Ring Solar Panel into your Stick Up Cam.


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