Opting In and Out of Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk is a shared network that helps Ring devices stay online by allowing them to work during internet outages. 

You can opt in or out of Amazon Sidewalk at any time. 

How do I opt-out of Amazon Sidewalk?

In order to opt-out of Amazon Sidewalk, follow these instructions: 

  • Open your Ring app
  • Tap the three-lines in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
  • Tap Control Center
  • Tap Sidewalk
  • Tap the Sidewalk slider button
  • You will see a screen asking you to confirm that you want to disable Sidewalk 
    • Confirm that you wish to disable Sidewalk. 

Repeat the above procedure to opt back in to Amazon Sidewalk.

Note: If you are using an Apple device and are using version 5.39 of the app or you're not using iOS 14.6, you may need to upgrade your device settings in order to complete the Sidewalk opt out process.   

For information on how to update your Apple mobile device, use this link.

To learn more about iOS 14 updates, use this link. 

Can I opt-in or opt-out of Amazon Sidewalk at any time?

Yes. You can update your Amazon Sidewalk settings from Sidewalk at any time by simply following the above instructions. 

Is there any charge if I choose to rejoin Amazon Sidewalk after opting out?

Joining Sidewalk is free and there are no monthly fees or other associated costs charged by Amazon  for your device to be Sidewalk-enabled.

If I opt-out of Amazon Sidewalk, is there any further communication between my Ring devices and those of my neighbors?

No. All of your Sidewalk Bridges will continue to have their original functionality even if you decide to disable Amazon Sidewalk. 

Will opting out of Amazon Sidewalk disable my ability to use the Neighbors app?

No. If you choose not to join Sidewalk, that will have no effect on your ability to use the Neighbors app.

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