Using a Duress Code with Ring Alarm

WARNING - Only use your Duress code in an emergency.  The Duress code cannot be tested or canceled.

If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation where an intruder is in the house with you, and you need to request emergency help but can’t call 911, sound the siren, or provide any indication that help has been called, you should use the duress code.

The duress code enables users to request emergency dispatch silently via the Keypad. Simply enter the duress code instead of a regular personal access code and press the disarm button, and the Ring Alarm will appear to be disarmed, but a duress signal will be sent to the monitoring center and police will be dispatched without any calls to you or any of your emergency contacts. 

You can enter the duress code and press disarm even if your Ring Alarm is already in Disarmed Mode. It will still signal the monitoring center to request help without calling your contacts or sounding the siren.

Please Note: Duress code is only available if you have a Ring Protect subscription and have signed up for professional monitoring.

Click here to learn more about professional monitoring.

How the Ring Duress feature works

The Ring account Owner, Shared Users and Guest Users at the Ring Alarm location can enter the duress code to "disarm" the system. The Base Station, Keypad and the app dashboard will reflect the Disarmed mode as usual, but a duress signal will be silently sent to the monitoring center requesting emergency dispatch.

The duress code can be entered when the Ring Alarm is in any mode. Even if the Alarm is already disarmed, entering the duress code and pressing “Disarm” will send the duress signal.

Choosing a duress code

The duress code cannot be the same as any other owner or user access code, and must have at least 2 digits that are different. 

How to set up Duress within the Ring app

Only the account Owner can create or reset a duress code for a location, using the app. All users will share a single duress code. Be sure to share your duress code with others inside your home, and explain that it should only be used in emergencies.

To create and reset the duress code, open the app, and open the menu on the left:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Shared Access.
  • Tap Owner.
  • Tap Create Duress Code or Reset Duress Code.

For security reasons, the duress code will not be visible within the app. If you forget the duress code, simply reset it.

How to use your Duress code with the Keypad 

You can use the duress code to request help when Ring Alarm is in any mode (Armed Home, Armed Away, and Disarmed).

To use the duress code:

  • Enter the duress code into the Keypad and press the Disarm button.
  • Wait for police to arrive. You will not get a call from the monitoring center.

Note: The duress code cannot be tested or canceled. Only use your duress code in a real emergency.


If you use duress during the 7-Day Practice Period (when you first sign up for professional monitoring), emergency responders will not be requested immediately.  You will receive an automated call which will give you the option to speak with a live agent and request help.

Once you’re out of the 7-Day Practice Period and have professional monitoring, you cannot test your duress code or practice disarming with it. Disarming Ring Alarm using the duress code - even for test purposes - will request emergency dispatch. You will not get a notification or be able to cancel the signal. You also will not receive a call to confirm the signal.

Please only use your Duress code in an emergency. 

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