Smart Lighting and Alexa

With Ring Smart Lighting and your Alexa-enabled device, you can have exceptional control over your Smart Lighting devices. 

With Alexa, you can: 

  • Turn your Smart Lights on and off.
  • Manage your Ring app settings like Groups, Motion Sensitivity, Motion Alerts, Turn On Duration, and Auto Shut-Off Timer for all your lights. 
  • Adjust brightness.
  • With a low-voltage Smart Lights Transformer, turn on and off your existing non-Ring landscape lights. 
  • Enable a Routine when motion is detected by creating an Alexa Routine from the main menu on the app.

 Please note that Ring Bridge is required for Alexa functionality to work.

To turn On/Off say:

  • 'Alexa, turn on my backyard lights'
  • 'Alexa, turn off my den light'

To manage settings for Ring Smart Lights, say:

  • 'Alexa, set my patio lamp to 50%'
  • 'Alexa, brighten my patio lamp'
  • 'Alexa, turn on Motion Sensor on patio light'
  • 'Alexa, set Motion Sensitivity of patio lamp to Low'

To manage settings for Ring Groups, say:

  • 'Alexa, disable Ring Motion Alerts on backyard'
  • 'Alexa, set Turn On time to 5 minutes on backyard'
  • 'Alexa, set Shut Off time to 1 minute on backyard'
  • 'Alexa, set Alert Snooze duration to 1 hour on backyard'


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