How Law Enforcement Uses the Neighbors App

Why do law enforcement agencies use the Neighbors app?

The Neighbors app provides local law enforcement with a tool to help them better engage with and inform the communities they serve. Neighbors is a meeting place for every community member, which includes law enforcement. When communities and law enforcement work together, safer neighborhoods can become a reality.

How do users benefit from law enforcement agencies using the Neighbors app?

Law enforcement agencies can share important crime and safety information to keep residents informed. Users can also choose to help law enforcement by providing useful information related to active investigations.

What information does law enforcement have access to when they use the Neighbors app? 

 Law enforcement agencies can use a tool called the Neighbors Portal to: 

  • Post important information about crime and safety alerts in their community. View and comment on public posts within their jurisdiction as an identified law enforcement officer. 
  • Use the Video Request tool to ask Ring to request video footage from device owners who are in the area of an active investigation.
  • When making a video request to Ring, law enforcement must reference a relevant case, and can only request video recordings within a limited time and area. With each request, customers decide whether to share all relevant videos, review and select certain videos to share, take no action (decline), or opt-out of all future requests.

The Neighbors Portal is also designed to limit the information that law enforcement is able to access so that our users’ privacy is protected: 

  • No access to devices: Law enforcement are never given access to users’ cameras or devices through the Neighbors Portal or by Ring. 
  • No user account information: Users are identified only as “Neighbor #”. Although law enforcement knows that users posting content reside within their jurisdiction, law enforcement cannot see or access user account information. 
  • No device location: The Neighbors Portal does not provide law enforcement with the addresses at which any devices are located. 
  • No direct access to users when making video requests: Law enforcement must go through the Ring team when making a video request. Ring does not provide law enforcement with information about our users unless a user decides to share video recordings with law enforcement in which case the user’s email and location address are disclosed.

Can law enforcement see the location of my house and/or camera through the Neighbors Portal? 

No, the Neighbors Portal does not share the addresses at which any devices are located. 

Ring will only share your street address (address associated with your Ring device) and your email address with law enforcement through the Neighbors Portal if and when you decide to share your video recordings through a video request. For more information on Video Requests please read our FAQ.

If my law enforcement agency starts using the Neighbors app, how will I know?

Ring sends in-app announcements to users through the Neighbors app when local law enforcement agencies start using the app. You may also see a press release, social media posts or other external announcements if the law enforcement agency chooses to post them.

How do I request my local law enforcement agency to start using the Neighbors app?

Please contact your local law enforcement agency and encourage them to contact us at to learn how to get involved.

How much does it cost for law enforcement agencies to use the Neighbors app?

The Neighbors app is free for all users, including law enforcement agencies. 

If my law enforcement agency is on the Neighbors app, do I still need to file a police report when posting a crime-related incident to the app?

Yes. Posting on the Neighbors app does not replace filing an official report. Please call your local law enforcement agency for more information on filing a report. 

Do I need to register my camera with local law enforcement?  

Ring devices are not part of any camera registration programs. Ring does not participate in any programs that require users to register cameras with law enforcement as a condition of receiving or purchasing a device.

I have feedback and/or questions about law enforcement use of the Neighbors app, where can I send it?

We would love to hear your feedback. Please email us at

Has a law enforcement agency ever resolved a case through using the Neighbors app?

We’ve seen many positive examples of Neighbors users and law enforcement engaging on the app and believe open communication is an important step in building safer, stronger communities. From getting stolen guns off the streets to helping families keep their children safe, we’ve achieved amazing results by working together. 


One Virginia Beach family was able to quickly recover stolen medical supplies for their diabetic child after sharing a video of the package theft on the Neighbor app. Thanks to the app, a neighbor spotted the suspect and alerted local law enforcement who then made an arrest and located the missing package. Get the full story here.

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