Important Information about Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring at Commercial Properties

Ring cannot provide professional smoke and CO monitoring at business locations due to strict local regulations across the U.S. and Canada.  

This means that neighbors who set up a Ring Alarm with professional monitoring at a business or commercially-zoned address cannot be monitored for smoke or carbon monoxide by Ring.

What will happen if I use Ring Smoke/CO devices to professionally monitor my commercial property?

If you add a Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener or a First Alert Smoke / CO Detector and smoke or CO is detected, Ring Alarm is required to send the smoke or CO signal to the monitoring center and the monitoring center must request dispatch from local authorities. 

However, your local authorities may not show up, and you may incur serious penalties and/or large fines for not having the correct type of commercial smoke and CO detection equipment as required by your local laws. 

To avoid these consequences, we strongly recommend that you remove all smoke/CO monitoring devices from your Ring Alarm at all business locations. 

What should I do if I already have a First Alert Smoke and CO Detector, or Ring Smoke & CO Listener at my business? 

If you originally registered as a home with professional monitoring, you will need to switch your account so you are a professionally-monitored business. We recommend that you remove any smoke & CO devices that are at your business location. 

To switch your account from a residence to a business:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Change Address. If you are prompted to end professional monitoring, tap Continue. You’ll be able to restart your business professional monitoring after you complete these steps.
  • Enter your new address.
  • Tap Continue to confirm your new address.
  • Tap I Agree to accept the new terms and conditions.
  • When asked if you are located at a business or a residence, select “Business”. 
  • Complete your sign up for professional monitoring at a commercial location.

How do I get smoke and carbon monoxide professional monitoring for my business?

Your safety and security are very important to us. You should call your local municipality for guidance and use only commercially-approved smoke and CO detection devices to protect your employees, customers, and property. 

Please Note: 

Adding and using a professionally monitored smoke or CO device to a Ring Alarm at your business violates our Terms of Service. If you do not remove these devices, you are solely responsible for any fines, fees, or penalties that result from installing and using these devices on your business property.


Professional monitoring licenses are available at:


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