Using Ring Cameras, Lighting, and Video Doorbells at your Business

Ring Video Doorbells, Cameras, and Lighting are designed to give property owners an extra layer of protection by letting them know who’s coming and going. You can use your Ring manuals and any articles in the Ring Help Center to guide you.

You may have a different experience when using these devices at commercial locations based on the amount of foot traffic in and around your place of business. With increased activity, your cameras and lighting devices may notify you, record or turn on more frequently. 

Depending on the amount of activity, you may experience a shorter-than-average battery life on your battery-powered Ring Video Doorbells, Cameras and Lighting. Here are some tips to help you preserve battery life. 

Note: To avoid shortened battery life and the need to more frequently charge your devices’ batteries, we recommend wired devices be used at a business whenever that is possible. 

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Battery-Saving Tips

  • Buy an additional removable, rechargeable battery so you can easily replace the battery when you get a “Low Battery” notification, allowing you to charge the low-power and while still keeping your device online. 
  • Change the motion frequency setting to capture fewer events, which will battery life.
  • Adjust the motion zones to exclude high traffic areas that you may not want to monitor. For example, you may want to monitor the sidewalk outside your business, but not get alerts or record a video every time a car drives down the street. 

Spotlight and Stick Up Cam Battery-Saving Tips:

  • Buy an additional removable, rechargeable battery so you can easily replace the battery when you get a “Low Battery” notification. 
  • Change the motion frequency setting to capture fewer events, which will lengthen battery life.
  • Use the scheduling tool to schedule alerts during specific times. For example, schedule these cameras to only detect motion and notify you during closed hours to capture activity after-hours.  

Additional Considerations for Ring Cameras and Doorbells 

  • Think about the placement and usage of your cameras and doorbells before you install them. You can use a combination of Cameras, Motion Detectors and Contact Sensors to monitor your business. Including areas that you would like to keep restricted like a back office, locked closet or storage areas. 
  • As always, it’s your responsibility to comply with applicable laws when using Ring devices. We encourage you to use the security stickers we provide in the box so your neighbors, employees and customers are aware that audio/video surveillance is taking place on the premises. If necessary, you can use the audio toggle to disable audio recording for your Ring Cameras through the “Device Settings” section of your camera device in the Ring app.  
  • You can use the Ring Linked Devices integration to record video from Stick Up Cams using specific event triggers, such as when your Ring Alarm is alarming. 
  • You can check with your local municipality to learn about local regulations about recording audio and video at businesses or in public spaces. It is your responsibility to set up your Ring video recording devices in compliance with your local laws.
  • Click here to learn how motion zones can be customized for each device via the Ring app. 

One Final Note:

If you have a Ring Protect Plus subscription, there is no limit to the number of videos that can be stored for up to 60 days. Feel free to add as many cameras and video doorbells as you need in and around your business for security and peace of mind.

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