Recommended Monthly Maintenance for Ring Alarm at Your Business

We recommend that businesses using Ring Alarm for security perform this 4-step monthly maintenance routine. 


Walk around your business and check on the state of your Ring Alarm, cameras, and lights.

  • Do all Ring security devices appear to be securely attached?
  • Does it look like any devices have been tampered or moved?
  • Are there any areas around your workplace that need additional coverage?


Open your Ring app and check that each device has plenty of battery life and doesn’t require any attention. If your business gets a lot of traffic, you may need to recharge and replace batteries more often.

    • Recharge any Ring Doorbell and camera batteries if needed.
    • Replace any low batteries in Ring Alarm Contact Sensors and other devices.
    • Use the Help & FAQs tile on each device details page within the app to access troubleshooting tips if needed.
    • If any firmware updates are available, think about scheduling these updates during times when your Ring Alarm will be disarmed.


Check that your emergency contact list is up to date. If any contacts are no longer working with you, or move away, change them to new contacts who can be available to help in an emergency. To review and update your emergency contacts:

  • Open the Ring app and tap on the menu.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap Monitoring
  • Tap on Primary Contact, as well as First, Second, and Third Contacts to review the names and phone numbers, and update as needed.


Your verbal password is used by the monitoring center to confirm your identity in an emergency.  If your emergency contacts forget the verbal password, they won’t be able to cancel a false alarm.

Make sure that you and your emergency contacts remember your verbal password. If you can’t remember it, change your verbal password:

  • Open the Ring app and tap on the menu.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap Monitoring
  • Tap on Verbal Password, then enter a new password. 

Don’t forget to share the new verbal password with all of your emergency contacts.

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