Daily Tips for Using Ring Alarm at your Business

Once you’ve set up your Ring Alarm at your place of business, you will need to develop good security habits to get the most out of your system. This article explores how to use your Ring Alarm to meet your business’ unique security needs.

Arming & Disarming your Ring Alarm

  • Arm and Disarm using the Keypad - Enter your personal access code, and then press the Disarmed, Away, or Home Mode button.
  • Arm and Disarm using the app - Open the app and tap the Mode of your choice.
  • By giving each employee their own unique code, you can see who has armed and disarmed your Ring Alarm within the app history and in alerts (if toggled on). 
  • You can also choose to have one code for all employees if you prefer, but you will not be able to identify who is arming and disarming.
  • You may want to allow some employees to use the Ring app, while others should only use the Keypad. Click here to read more about user types and Ring Alarm access. 
  • Have each new employee practice arming and disarming to reduce false alarms. If you have an employee who is learning and may trigger the alarm, switch your account to self-monitored temporarily, allow the employee to practice arming and disarming, and when they can use the Keypad correctly, you can switch back to professional monitoring.
  • If you have a cleaning crew, get deliveries regularly, or have off-hours support staff, make sure they can disarm and arm your Ring Alarm. 

Understanding Modes

Your Ring Alarm can be in Home Mode, Away Mode, and Disarmed Mode. Understanding when to use these Modes will help you secure your workplace and prevent false alarms.

  • Disarmed Mode - Disarm your Ring Alarm when your business is open and customers may be coming and going. You’ll also need to leave your Ring Alarm in Disarmed Mode if you have contractors making repairs, deliveries are being made, and other times when you need to open and close doors and windows.
  • Away Mode - Use this mode when your business is closed and there is no one inside. Most businesses use this mode during their off-hours when the business is closed when no one should be inside.
  • Home Mode - This mode is designed to be used when you’re working late and want to feel secure inside your business. Arming your Ring Alarm in Home Mode will arm only the Contact Sensors around the perimeter of your business while ignoring Motion Detectors and any Contact Sensors inside. When you’re ready to leave, don’t forget to disarm your Ring Alarm first, then open the door. You can arm again in Away Mode to protect your property when no one is around.

For more information about Mode Settings, click here.

To learn about Entry and Exit Delays, click here. 

Alerts and Notifications

  • The Owner and Shared Users on your Ring account will receive cell phone push notifications and email (depending on settings) to keep you up to date with security events. Guest Users do not have app access, and cannot get alerts. 
  • If you have more than one location with Ring Alarm and Cameras, the location name will help you identify where the security event is occurring.
  • Each user can independently adjust their own alert settings, turning them all on or off, or toggling individual device settings based on their preferences. This will not impact any other users.
  • Not receiving notifications on your phone? Click here to learn how to fix notifications for Android devices. Click here to learn how to fix notifications for iOS devices.
  • Alarming events cannot be turned off. Anyone with your app will be notified when the Ring Alarm at your business is alarming.

Ring Community Support

  • If you need help troubleshooting or using your Ring Alarm, and can’t find answers here in our Help Center, you can contact Ring Community Support at 877-376-2036, and select Ring for Business support.
  • If you want to allow an employee or business partner to call Ring for help, that person will need to be able to access the email address used to set up the Ring account. Ring uses email verification for security purposes. 

Works with Ring

  • Note: Smoke and CO monitoring devices should not be added to Ring Alarm at your business if you are using professional monitoring. Ring cannot monitor for smoke or CO at commercial locations.


If an emergency happens at your business, you can use the SOS feature to request immediate help to your business using the SOS icon. Click here to learn how to use SOS.

Using Amazon Alexa at your Business

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