Installing Ring Alarm at your Business

Ring Alarm is designed to be installed and used in homes and businesses. 

If you’re using Ring Alarm at a place of business, you can use the residential Setup Guide to install the system at your place of business. Click here to download the Ring Alarm Setup Guide.

Before you begin, there are some considerations that may impact where you decide to place your security devices. 

Installing a Base Station at your business

  • Place your Base Station in a location within your business that has a reliable internet connection using either wifi or Ethernet. 
  • The Base Station has a 104 dB siren in it, so you’ll want to have it in a central location or near an access point so the siren can deter intruders. There’s no reason to hide your Base Station in a closet. 
  • Your Base Station should be within range of any Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors, or you can add Range Extenders to expand the Z-Wave range of these devices.

Installing Keypads at your business

  • You’ll want to place your Keypad close enough to the entrances you and your employees use most often so it is accessible for anyone who needs to arm and disarm each day.
  • If you have a lot of customers coming in and out, you may want to place it behind the front desk where it’s easily accessible to employees but not to customers.
  • You can leave your Keypad plugged in or unplugged. If unplugged, please remember to plug it back in to charge the battery every few months (you’ll be notified when the battery is low).
  • If you have several doors you use often, you may want to have multiple Keypads. 

Installing Contact Sensors at your business

  • We recommend that you use Contact Sensors on all doors and windows that can be used to gain access to your business.
  • Click here to learn how to install Contact Sensors on a variety of doors and windows.
  • If installing Contact Sensors on warehouse doors or metal door and window casings, you may need to pre-drill holes and get special screws designed for this type of installation.
  • You can add Contact Sensors to internal doors and hear chime tones within your business to keep tabs on private areas that you don’t want customers or employees to enter. 
  • If a contact sensor isn’t communicating with your Ring Alarm Base Station, you may need to add a Range Extender to extend the Z-Wave signal.
  • Contact Sensors may not work well in extreme temperatures or in areas where there are corrosive chemicals.

Installing Motion Detectors at your business

  • You made need multiple motion detectors on opposite walls to monitor a large room and ensure there are no blind spots. 
  • Environmental factors, such as heating vents and sunny windows, may trigger your Motion Detector to go off. Make sure your Motion Detector is not facing a heat source and is aimed inside your property.
  • Consider aiming Motion Detectors at critical areas, such as cash registers and showroom floors. 

Installing Range Extenders at your business

  • Range Extenders extend the range of your Z-Wave signal. They do not extend wifi range, and will not help improve connectivity for your Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras.
  • Range Extenders work best when placed between your Alarm Base Station and your most distant Alarm Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors.
  • We don’t recommend connecting multiple Range Extenders to cover an excessively long distance between your Base Station and Contact Sensors.

Installing Additional Devices

  •  Panic Buttons
    • You can mount a Panic Button under a counter or front desk at your business to get faster access to help in an emergency. Keep in mind, a Panic Button sounds the siren while sending a panic signal to the monitoring center which cannot be canceled. Make sure it can’t accidentally be pressed to prevent false alarms.
    • You may want to add Panic Buttons to a back office or storage space, especially if your business has unusual hours or is in a remote location.


  • Dome Sirens


    • The Dome Siren adds an extra loud siren. We recommend that you install Dome Sirens if you have doors that are far from the Base Station or if your building has multiple floors. 

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